Interesting V16 Bug on LCV 4.0

I was experimenting in the Sandbox, to make a cheap-as-possible turbocharged V16 with MFI in 1975, when I came across this interesting glitch as soon as I finished setting up the drivetrain options.

Checking to see what was going on and why my luxury coupé suddenly grew a tube out of the front bumper, I checked the engine, and saw this:

My interest peaked and I started tweaking stuff, like the turbo and intercooler size, engine size, etc.
I wasn’t able to fix it until I changed to the Per Cylinder configuration (I was using Single).

This issue did not happen with the other V engines. The V6 / V8 (both 60° and 90°), V10 and V12 didn’t have this problem, even if I was using the Single configuration. It’s fine when exporting to BeamNG though. This might also happen on the Open Beta (not tested).