Interior Design

Not sure if this has been discussed, but what are the plans for interior designs?

number of seats, colours, fabrics?

And dashboard? [and accessories like speedo, tacho, fuel gauge etc.?]

You won’t really see any interior stuff. It would be far too hard and too much work to make seemly interiors match the car bodies.
Would almost need to model each type of interior for each car body and we just don’t have the man hours for that.

There will be choices relating to the interior, such as luxury level, gadgets and accessories, you just won’t see them.

Fix’d :smiley:

What about seating, such as number of seats, color, material (even if material not visible)?

Number of seats, and interior luxury levels (e.g. leather, cloth, pvc) will be selectable.

Nice! Was hoping for exactly that :slight_smile: Is type of seat, especially front seat, selectible? for example, bucket seats or bench seat?

ye i wasn’t expecting to see everything but just to have many options