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International Gran Turismo Rally - The Grand Tour 79 [FINAL RANKING]

Is this referring to ride height, specifically, or suspension travel? Because One of my cars I’m considering on entering has a suspension ride height set to just below 8" but the suspension travel is north of 220mm.

Ride height, I clarified.

Also clarified tires - 70 sidewall is only a recommendation, not a restriction.

Silverstone Motors Deluxe Sport 5 Signature Edition '79
Sophisticated Mobility

All-aluminum 3.0L V12 235hp @ 6800RPM
8000RPM Redline
1063kg - Aluminum Body on Steel Monocoque

Edit: forgot the 3rd image


1968 Proletariat Pananche

War, what is it good for? Development of low cost Grand Tourers, apparently!

After the great war of 1946, Bogliq Gasmea aided the fledgling Workers Paradise of Archana by founding Proletariat Ltd. Proletariat built commercial vehicles, millitary equipment and even aeroplanes for the Archanan millitary and heavy industry. By the early 50’s Proletariat had built an affordable people’s car and were exporting cars and trucks to Dalluha by the early 60’s.

When the Workers Party of Archana decided to embrace the open market, albeit well defended with tariffs, Proletariat built a luxury sedan and GT to service the emerging entrepreneur sector. The Panache is this GT. Running a road tuned version of an armoured car V12, the four speed manual Panache is engineered to survive Archana’s primitive road network and can be re-fuelled anywhere in the country due to running on 85RON gasoline.

This particular Panache is being driven by Darius Vulpe, a first generation entrepreneur who made his wealth selling light trucks to Dalluha in exchange for silk rugs and rare spices, and his buddy Garridan Stoica will tag along to ensure the Panache keeps running. They served together in the Archanan Defense Force and worked together to smuggle in spices before the market reforms became law.


Cisalpina Presto 72

Cisalpina is entering the rallye with the proven 1972 Presto model - a typcial example of Cisalpina’s philosophy: Lightweight, nimble and passionate. The 3.7 liter twin-cam V12 with 2 valves per cylinder has no problems to accelerate the all aluminium bodywork between corners - the natural habitat of the grand tourer.


  • 260 bhp
  • 1100 kg
  • handmade interior
  • enough cargo space for a weekend trip

While Cisalpina was not known for reliable machines in the past, they have replaced the previous DCOE carburettors with a Kugelfischer injection system - a work of art itself. Hopes are high that Cisalpina can prove that their cars are not only made for purpose-built race tracks but for long trips even in harsh conditions.

After the announcement of the event and after seeing the route through the eastern part of Fruinia, it was clear to the management at Cisalpina that participation was required. They could not let all of the world's GT manufacturers pass through their home turf without participating themselves. The motorsport-crazy Fruinian crowds, expected to show up in 6-digit numbers, are waiting for the green-white-red coloured badge to appear around the corners of the coastal roads. While the cars are far out of reach for the average Fruinian, the V12 roars are their national anthem, and works drivers Luigi Cesena and Enzo Manella are national heroes, defending the pride of a whole region.


Mara Irena GTC 2.5

World class in Archana

One of the rarest sights on Archanan public roads, the limited production run Mara Irena GTC 2.5 has been engineered to the tastes of the younger generation of apparatchiks pillars of the Archanan state and society. It is based on the much more mundane 4-door Irena LX 2.0 sedan - a staple of Archanan taxi fleets since the early 70s which also has been available for export (as EX and EXL in both 1.3 and 2.0 litre versions) since the late 60s.

The Irena GTC ready to leave Mara’s special projects workshop near its namesake lake

The GTC shares the LX’s car body up to the A-pillar but has only two - but larger - doors and a unique fastback rear end with double wishbones (unlike the LX’s more ‘traditional’ suspension). The LX’s venerable ‘Perspek’ 4-cylinder OHV engine has been enlarged to 2.5L and re-tuned for the GTC, almost doubling the power of the LX’s modest 47 kW. The GTC’s suspension has also been tuned for much better roadholding on the varying Archanan roads. The GTC also incorporates a number of firsts for Mara Motorni Fabryky such as hypereutectic pistons, a long tubular exhaust, a corrosion resistant steel chassis, a 4-speed automatic gearbox, 2 piston front disc brakes, a sporty yet luxurious interior and advanced safety features for the 1970s.

The GTC’s unique fastback rear-end

For the rally, the car and its engine have been carefully prepared, tuned and revised by Mara’s meticulous chief engineer, Rodin Gumprov, and he will drive the car himself together with one Archanan spy state representative as an espionage goodwill mission to improve relations with the Western countries.

Interior shot

The Irena’s state security police V8 version was also considered for the rally, but ultimately decided against since that V8 is built for short hot pursuits rather than endurance driving.

[OOC: Let’s see whether the car with the souped up taxi engine can beat the one with the detuned armoured car V12 for the best Archanan entry in the rally. And yes, the slogan is a pun. :D]


April 4th 1979

Highport - Gathering

As followers start gathering in the northern coastal city of Highport, the sun finally decided to show up after a week of rain. The event organizers are confident for a start on the dry for Day 1 the 1979 International Gran Turismo Rally in six days.

The bustling port city in the northern highlands of Gasmea is the perfect venue to kick off this once-in-a-decade event. People are flocking from everywhere around the continent for a chance to see all entrants gathered in a single place before it starts.

Not all teams have arrived yet, but many cars are starting to draw attention. The first two Archanian entries to arrive, from Proletariat and Mara, are already getting swarmed by curious spectators wondering if Archana has the ability to actually manufacture a reliable GT car.

The first Fruinian team on site was Zephorus and they were quickly joined by Cisalpina, who brought a beautiful V12 work of art. The biggest crowd was seen around it and the GT T, which delighted northern Tifosis and enthusiasts alike. Rumours had it that Luigi Cesena and Enzo Manella, two renowned Fruinian drivers, were seen in a pub already and it has been officially confirmed that they will drive the Cisalpina. It was not yet confirmed who brought the Zephorus, if it was an official Zephorus entry or simply a rich Fruinian industrialist.

As for local cars, the Silverstone Motors entry had many people excited, sporting a rare Gasmean V12, going head-to-head against the Cisalpina. The brand new model from Flaner, straight out of the factory floors, also gathered many inquiring fans of central gasmean company, as well as the Duquesne Frigate. We are not sure who will be driving those cars yet.

One of the rare Hetvesian entry is the Haniyasushin GT who seems to have went with a more rally spec configuration. Most likely will be driven by team of veteran.

The first to arrive in Highport however was a Mons car, bought in Fruinia, most likely by a private owner. The very coffee-esque color scheme of this kammback did not go unnoticed.

The first leg of the rally will take those beautiful GT cars on the winding highland coastal roads down to western Gasmea. Forecasts are still looking good. The perfect weather for the start of such an historic event.

We will report more as the last teams arrive in Highport for the start of the race.

OOC: if you want me to correct or amend the above, let me know, I took educated guesses and info from the forum and car company threads when I could.


Oh my, I didn’t know brand-lore was included lol. I barely created Duquesne for this thread, so I’ll leave it’s origin and history up to your imagination. Otherwise, great start!

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Equipe Flaner would like to announce their new roster for the 1979 GT season, starting with our factory-backed driver, Alain Blanchard! His expertise in other racing series, such as winning the the 1978 Series Vianta, 12 Hours of Narnilla and the 1979 Vineau-les-Bains Grand Prix, make him an exquisite choice for this championship! Our magnifiique co-driver will be Pierre Aubert! Most well known for his popular Vineyard Aubert wine brand, he has been racing GT cars on the side for quite a few years by now, competing in many gentleman racing events and even winning a few. This will be his first time doing an endurance racing event, and fortunately he will be taking cues from one of the best! We are excited to show off what an unmodified Flaner, fresh from the factory, can do. Bonne chance to our competitors, we will see you (from the rear view mirror) in Highport!

I must say, I’m rather excited to see how this plays out.

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Hey SolidSnake, I think you used one of the body below (I did not start importing yet), right?


We just found out it is bugged and has negative lift (generates downforce). That would put you above the 0kg limit of downforce. Seeing it most likely a mistake from the mod creator, and the amount of downforce generated is tiny, I do not want to penalize people that already submitted or have a build underway with this body - as long as you did not try to abuse it (you most likely did not check if you did not add aero), I will accept builds with this body.

Make sure your build has less than 5kg of downforce on both rear and front. This mean that if you used semi/full cladding (or boosted aero quality a lot), you will have to modify your entry to fit this new restriction. This applies to anyone with an ongoing build on these bodies.

I’ll amend the rules with this exception. While the difference is negligible, I am terribly sorry about this happening late in the submission process.

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Haha, it’s ok, it’s a lore/flavor event for those that want to. If you have any ideas or specifics for Duquesne, please let me know, otherwise I will give some generic flavor around it.

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Nope, I used the early '60’s Datsun-S30-style body. Although, you can barely tell from the angles of the images I posted. Will see if I make that clearer with some other glamour shots hehe.

My design does employ some lips on the front bomber an old rear deck. But, I emailed that ithad 0kg or less of downforce. Sometimes the charts don’t update unless you adjust the sliders, and even the position of the fixtures themselves affect the downforce (as well as ride height, et al.).

I made sure the effective aero was appropriate before saving and sending. If it shows up as otherwise, just adjust any of the aero sliders +/-1 and back, and it should show true stats. Otherwise, please DM and I’ll send version with adjusted aero if you’ll allow it.

Matter is, the aero and all affect the braking and fading and wheelspin, traction, etc of the car’s setup.

Question:. Would it be allowed if the entrants post pictures of the stages from our perspective as the rally progresses?

Journal entry April 4

Dear Diary,

It’s been a week now that I’ve been on the run. Dad is going to kill me if he finds out what I’ve done. It’s his fault really! He never lets me do anything! I have to try to keep a low profile, but that will be difficult… But let me start at the beginning.

Dad owns a car dealership and customization workshop in Porto Castelfranco. He is the largest distributor of Gasmean Mons branded cars, but he also sells other exotics. His true love is for the Mons brand and so he also owns a few Mons models of his own. He likes to modify these cars to his liking and advertise his customization business that way too. His prize possession is a Mons Deimos, which he modified first with a custom paint job. His Fruinian blood could not stand the standard Gasmean engineering, so he also added fuel injection. Lastly, to really show off his customs shop, he ripped out the original interior, and installed a fully custom hand-made one instead. Needless to say, he likes this car more than life itself.

This is where I come in. I have grown up around cars, and I love cars as much as he does. But business has not been great lately. I can see that this puts a lot of stress on dad. I have tried to involve myself more in the business and proposed ideas to get business going, but he always says that girls are not meant to be car people. I think he’s just old-fashioned. I proposed that participating in the Grand Tour this year would be great exposure for the business, but he wouldn’t let me… so I entered the tournament without his knowledge. I stole his car and started my week-long drive to Highport. I am still shaking thinking of what I have done. But what can I do? He is just so stubborn and backward thinking. This will be great for business, I know. And if I do well, then the price money will be very welcome too. I just can’t crash. Oh God, please do not let me crash! He would not only kill me, but then kill my lifeless body again…

I think I’ll go try to relax now until the race starts, and maybe make some friends with the other drivers. Some really nice cars have shown up already, so I am a little worried about my chances. Well, not as worried as I am about the race route, which will bring us straight through Porto Casterfranco! I hope my dad doesn’t find out…

Signing off now - Francesca

PS, the seaside at Highport is really nice! I might go for a dip later.


No worries then, I wanted to make sure. If no one used that body yet I will simply ask people to avoid it.

I did not import your entry yet, you should be ok.

I also highly encourage to post lore and flavor entries as the event progresses, but it is by no mean necessary.

Less than 5 days before the event starts - Countdown

Meet the journalists covering the event

Here at the Gasmean Car Trends magazine we are blessed to be able to cover this unique international happening. We have sent two of our finest veteran journalists on location.

Giorgio Diola


Born here in Gasmea from Frunian car royalty, Giorgio joined the magazine as an intern at 19 years old. After only 5 years, he rose to become the premier automobile racing journalist in the country, covering all major sporting events in Gasmea and around the continent. He has a car mechanic background and is certainly our most technical writer. He’s thirsty for knowledge, stylish and quite a funny guy. Just do not rob him the wrong way… Just kidding.

Jacques Dupal


One of the co-founder of the magazine, Jacques was born in St-Lucien and started covering cars in the late 40s. He will celebrate his 30 years of career later this year. He knows the history of cars like the back of his hand, and at 56 year of age he’s the most storied and respected car journalist around. He’s enthusiastic about car and will still acts like a 16 years old every time he reviews a car.

Régal Absynthe V12

They will follow the pack in a brand new GT car graciously provided by Régal - the Régal Absynthe V12. While they won’t be entered in the competition, they will be able to enjoy the comfort and performance of this premium Gasmean brand. While not enjoying the drive, they will write up an entry at the end of each competition day and will also be asking for comments and quotes from each willing teams.

Today’s topics:

  • How excited are your drivers about driving the car around the continent?
  • What is the worst meal they ate while staying in Highport?

This article was brought to you by Gasmean Car Trends and Régal.

OOC: Please, feel free to forum DM me quotes and comments based on the topics posted in GOLD throughout the competition. Also, please feel free to post press releases from the perspective of your team. It is absolutely not mandatory, this gives you no advantages, but I encouraged it.


Official Statement from Usine de Moteurs Duquesne.

We are glad to announce our first participation on the prestigious International Gran Turismo Rally, celebrating the car culture in no better way than driving around our beautiful and challenging world.
We see this event as our oportunity to show what is Fruinia’s étoile guidante capable of, and for that reason we decided to take la créme de la créme to the competition. That is, the Duquesne Frigate. But it’s not just any Frigate, this is the special edition made in honor of our founding father, Jean Jaques Duquesne, on his 75th anniversary.
Although he stated that he would love to drive the car himself on the rally, he decided to hand over the wheel to his granddaughter, Katherine Duquesne, who also is an official test driver from the company, and we know her driving skill will be of great assistance during the competition.
We wish our main driver Bon Voyage and the best of lucks.


Haha, good riddance? Oh my… poor Katherine.


I realised quite late what that really meant lmao. Oh well, that happens when english is not your main language. I’ll put something more cheerful for our main driver

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The TransitStar Pan-Gasmea!

Pushrods! Solid axles! Over 320 horsepower! We haven’t changed the way we build cars in a long time, but we’re really good at it.

Well, not so good at designing fixtures, but at least I submitted something instead of engineering it and then giving up