Introducing the infinite valuation exploit

So I was playing around with the LCv4 and found this neat slightly game breaking exploit
You can try it out too!
we begin by starting a new game, I will start at insane difficulty with 0 money to better illustrate the exploit
Then we go on to design our initial model and set up all the factories

Here was the engine, and here is the car project:

Unsurprisingly the bank is quite unwilling to lend us any money, but fear not! There is a way
Time to make a new project, and after you get to factory selection screen make a new factory and select a huge plot:

Surprise your company valuation just went up!
Lets checkout the other project:

Hmm, not quite enough, well lets just make some more of those shall we?

Now we are worth a cool 1.12B dollars, that ought to be enough.

And enough it is, sign off the project, go forward a couple of years, and there you go brand new factories and bankruptcy is nowhere in sight!

in fact, our valuation even increased a bit.
Now you can delete the auxiliary project and your valuation will remain unchanged.
The land plots will remain in their ghost state but if you try to include them in a project you will have to pay for them


Are you… The Spiffing Brit!!!


Nope, sorry to disappoint. Matter of fact I’m not even British :slight_smile:

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This should have been fixed with one of the last hotfixes. Thanks for pointing out and describing in detail. :slight_smile: