I’m not really sure if reintroducing self after a while is allowed or not, when there are a lot of new members here coming straight from various background (most notably from Automation x BeamNG collaboration, which I dub it as the greatest car-related gaming crossover in gaming history), but I’ll reintroduce myself either way.

Name’s Reiko (not a real name and I prefer to be called my internet name (either TheAgathaNakai or Reiko, or Reiko’s Carbon Fibre Emolga in BeamNG forum and Car Throttle, your pick)). I’m Indonesian, and currently still on studying visual communication design in the college, soon will celebrate 23rd birthday by the time I’m writing this (May 9th).

I have interests in a lot of things, music, gaming (of course), design, anime, movies and also certain kind of sports (such as wrestling, and a little bit of football). The funny thing is, I’m not really keen on the actual motorsports so much. If you ask me, I prefer an authorized street racing, in a closed course, like what you see in Palm City when it’s on day. I do encourage to drive safely on the street though.

Let’s narrow my interests down a little bit to the specific, when it comes to cars, I have a lot of interests in them, regardless of the body style and purpose of it. My orientation is 60% form and 40% function. And if you ask me what are my favorite cars, I’ll mention few that are worthy to mention listed here below:

  • 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback
  • 1998 Subaru Impreza 22b
  • 1989 Porsche 964
  • 1983 Toyota Corolla GT-S (AE86)
  • 1995 McLaren F1
  • 2010 Ford Shelby GT500 “Supersnake”
  • 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STi “Hawkeye”
  • 2011 Porsche 918 Spyder
  • 2013 Toyota GT86
  • 2010 BMW M5 E60
  • 1999 Ferrari 550 Maranello
  • 2003 Nissan Sentra SE-R
  • 2018 Suzuki Jimny
  • 2017 Suzuki Ignis
  • 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser
  • 2004 Ford F-150 FX4
  • and there’s much more that I haven’t mentioned yet, but you should at least get the idea what kind of cars I’m most likely into.

It is unfortunate that I didn’t have an actual car that I can sit in and floor it, for now at least. But I’m all okay, considering the traffic here in my country, bikes are most likely to be preferred to go anywhere, and I still get the similar enjoyment with cars, or maybe better.

So, how did I become an Automationeer 5 years ago? It all started from an internet friend of mine posted a screenshot of his creation. In that time, I didn’t know what the game was, but it definitely caught my attention. And after a little bit of research, I decided to download the game, and the rest is history.

After 5 years of playing this game, I can conclude that I’m not the best, but not the worst Automationeer here, and I’m improving overtime in every aspect. Most importantly, I play this game for fun, to the point where I started to think it’s a drug (in a very good way), and also a way to express my true positive feelings or vibes I cannot explain through words (it can be love, or just a simple happiness). I joined this discourse forum for almost 3 years, and I’m here looking for friends and showcase my creations, with the only intention of having fun and forgetting the reality for a while (in my own way, like sharing my creations and let everyone enjoy it by driving them on BeamNG Drive, or tune it the way they want it).

I also have other social media such as Instagram, I also post my car creations there too.

Have a nice day, and Forza Novia!

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Name: Nicholas/Nick “Forzov3rwatch” Cooper

Occupation: Student

Location: Los Angeles

Interests: Games, Cars, Geography, Tech

Vehicles Currently Owned: None yet :frowning_face:

Dream Garage Vehicles: Loaded question, but maybe an old 124 Spider and an Audi TTRS to start.

Previous Vehicles of Interest: All manner of hyper/supercars, but alas I realized they were too expensive to be affordable ever.

How did you find us?: Through a combination of Consider, Failrace, and Shinyodd. The game looked fun and I never looked back.

About: Well… god, what is there to say really? Um, I have a leg disability which has made me nervous about driving, but since I’m only a bit over the driving age I’m finally taking lessons and learning it’s not such a hindrance. I also learned that driving makes me anxious as hell. I’ve been religiously checking CarGurus as of late trying to find cool cars for cheap.

*coughs heavily with all that dust lifted from the forum account*

Uhhhhh, hello again? After so long it seems like a new introduction is due.

Name: Bruno “Saico” Marques

Occupation: software developer - Java on the streets, Python in the sheets

Location: suburbs of Lisbon, Portugal

Interests: bass guitar, homebrewing, board games

Vehicles Currently Owned: none; since owning a car here is rather expensive, public transportation mostly works and the 'rona is curbing any possible motivation, it remains low on my priority list

Dream Garage Vehicles: Bugatti Type 57 “Atlantic”, Jaguar E-Type, Mazda RX-7 FD, Lotus Exige, Suzuki Cappuccino, Subaru BRZ, Honda NSX-R, Nissan Skyline GT-R R34, Lotus Carlton, 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28, Mercedes SLR McLaren, Audi R8 and uhhhh I’m getting sidetracked here

Previous Vehicles of Interest: used to have a 2011 Peugeot “207” (a facelifted 206, really, but that’s what they called it) back in Brazil

How did you find us? the late F1Rejects forum had a topic about car games; one thing led to another, and…

About: well, a combination of family troubles and the mind-taxing pursuit of a Master’s degree made my interest in the game fizzle out long ago; but now, with my life (mostly) settled, I’m rediscovering car games and general tinkering - hopefully to stay this time around!


Name: Izai Cox

Occupation: Dishwasher at night, cartoonist at day :wink:

Location: Longview, TX

Interests: Video games, drawing, listening to music, surfing the web.

Vehicles Currently Owned: None at the moment

Dream Garage Vehicles: Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk, Pagani Huayra BC, 1966 Pontiac GTO, a street legal Dodge Viper Competition Coupe, Rossion Q1, Nissan Skyline R34 Nismo, and a Noble M600

Previous Vehicles of Interest: I might be up all night with that one.

How did you find us: By either Neilogical or on my own. Researched more about this game…been hooked ever since. Especially after y’all partnered up with BeamNG.

About: A twenty two year old dude who been into cars since messing with Hot Wheels, Need For Speed, and Paul Walker (RIP). I did draw cars once upon a time during high school and was actually good at it. (don’t ask for pictures of said drawings cause those are long gone, LMAO) Made the shift to cartoons again and eventually doing quite well nowadays. Came across this gem and I made a goal to get another job so that I can get this game down the line, which recently I now did! Y’all earn a customer for life!!! Now, to make time for this game.

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Name: Barnaby Cogsworth (furry name, obviously)

Occupation: Forktruck driver

Location: Middle of a corn field, Michigan, USA.

Interests: Video games, computers, books and cars. If it’s got an engine, I’m already interested.

Vehicles Currently Owned: '04 Honda Accord (manual :grinning:), '14 Mazda 6 (auto :slightly_frowning_face:)

Dream Garage: Studebaker Hawk, '69 Chevy Chevelle, '63 VW Beetle, any mazda rx-7. I’ll be here all night.

Previous Vehicles of interest: Late model Buick lesabres and Pontiac grand prixs.

How did you find us: Found the game back in '16, looking for games with customizable cars. Put off buying it because my computer couldn’t run it, finally picked it up last year.

About: 26 year old introverted furry. Been playing car games since I was old enough to hold a controller. Got my first speeding ticket the first week I could drive alone. Real life racing isn’t an option, so its video games and blasting down country roads for my speed fix.


Name: Dylan

Occupation: Formerly an operations supervisor for a trucking company, currently giving “Trophy Husband” a spin,

Location: Eastern WA

Interests: My family, my dogs, Jeeps, PC gaming, music
Vehicles Currently Owned: My 1984 Jeep CJ7 is my baby and I’ve had her for about 12 years. My wife has a 2012 Jeep JKU, and a 2006 Grand Cherokee (the retired family wagon)

Dream Garage Vehicles: MJ Gladiator, Ford GT, my CJ7 fully restored, My wife’s JKU with a few more mods.

Previous Vehicles of Interest: I had a BRZ for a while and loved it. My family is all car people so I’ve got love for vehicles of all types as most of us do.

How did you find us? Searching for a CJ7 mod for Beam to no avail, so then I figured I’d see if I could find/make one in Automation

About: I am a Father of 2 and husband to a wonderful wife. I like cars and videogames so here I am lol

Name: hudso

Occupation: Museum Exhibits Technician and Lighting Manager Motorcycle Shop Administrator (Thanks, Covid :roll_eyes: )

Location: Houston, TX, USA

Interests: PC Games, Motorcycles, Cars, Engineering, Carpentry

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2004 Ford Crown Victoria P71, 1980 Ford Courier 2.3L, 1994 Suzuki RF600R, 2002 Honda CBR1100XX

Dream Garage Vehicles: Mazda Miata RF w/ Flyin’ Miata LS7 swap, 1952 Hudson Hornet with drivetrain and electronics from a Mercedes S600, Honda RC51

Previous Vehicles of Interest: 1984 Pontiac Fiero w/ L67SC swap

How did you find us: After playing Automation since 2016, I somehow have just this week stumbled across this Discourse. Desperately trying to bump my post count so that I can enter some of the Community Challenges with deadlines this week.

About: Male. Mustachioed. Preference for small, zippy cars over hulking beasts. Motorcycle fanatic. Pessimistic optimist. OCD perfectionist until the ADHD kicks in. Looking forward to blowing my car design load all over the community competitions, in hopes that something will stick.

Name: Riccardo - only friends get to call me “Dick”, and you are not my friend.

Occupation: currently working on a MSc in Sociology, we’ll see where that goes!

Location: Turin, Italy

Vehicles Currently Owned: does a pair of Puma RS-Xes count?

Dream Garage Vehicles: a Subaru SVX with the concept’s front fascia, maybe? Or a Honda S600 coupè, those look neat. But the contents of my dream garage change every day, really; thank the Maker I don’t have the money to follow through with it.

How did you find us?: I have been playing Automation since the very early days, and always wanted to join the official forums, but only got the motivation when somebody mentioned the Crowd Sourcing Competition on Discord.

About: heh, not much to say here. Been into fast cars since chancing upon a Honda NSX, and into more down-to-Earth vehicles since ever. I also have a keen interest in the sociology and history of culture and lifestyles, and consequently in automotive history; ça va sans dire, then, that I care more about the lore of my Automation creations than anything else.

Name: Michał Pryczek
Occupation: Rally Driver, Driving Instructor

Location: Warsaw, Poland
Interests: Rallying, Cars (Subaru at most), Rock Music (but not only), computer games

Vehicles Currently Owned: Multiple Subarus including a GC8 555 Group A car

Dream Garage Vehicles: All WRC 2.0 displacment cars and all Group A cars for sure (maybe excluding some Mitsubishis :D). Some Aston Martin models. There are many cars that I would like to own or to drive for at least once in my live.

How did you find us: I was literally looking for car company tycoon game on Steam. Then when I found out that the game also incudes a car designer and I was blown away! I knew that i am gonna stay for a while with the game. Then You added a Beam.NG Exporter which was something like dream come true. These are the features of Automation that made me spent with it 700 h now, since 2018. Because I play a lot I often notice bugs, so I found this Discourse.

About: Male. Apparently, since early childhood cars are my main interest. At age 8 my grandmpa bought me a PS1 and, of course i chose GT1 as the first game :slight_smile: I entairly finished all of them (1-6) including endurance races :slight_smile: I also played a lot of Colin McRae and RBR.
All that to become later a 2 Time Polish Rally Champion in the Historic class, driving old Subaru Impreza. Basically my life is cars. I am no way an engineer but i can fairly assume that I have spent 1/4 of life in different garages and Workshops. Once I have even visited Prodrive with access to authorized staff are only with Prodrive emplyee guiding :).

So there I am, a car freak and computer game “addict” who was given such tools as Automation and Beam.NG. Now I am at the point where I sort of recreatw GT series game using self made cars and excel sheets to gain a nice endurance purpose driving for myself and my friends. Its quite successful I must say :smiley: Its little like RPG game for drivers.

Also Thank You for The Automation Track. I am sure i have done thousands of laps on it already. It just great, all kind of corners, love it.


Ok, here i am as well
Lets say im Niko Mrdja
Born in 1998 in Serbia
I study Electrical Engineering- Practical Electronics
I liked cars as far as i knew of myself
Dont have drivers license and therefore have no car to speak of

Bcos i learned about this game years ago, i cant say how i learned about its existance.
Its my first IRL dream job-in shape of a game.


New here! I just found this game 4 days ago and am OBSESSED!! :smiley: It’s really cool.

I’m a MINI fanatic in Florida.

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Name: My handle here is VanZandt_Breda
, LNucleus on the Discord

Location: Northern Metroplex, Texas, USA

Occupation: GIS/LiDAR/Survey/CAD/Photogrammetry

Interests: history, geography, scifi, art, cycling, gardening

2017 Prius Prime
2020 Kia Soul GT
1983 Schwinn World Sport

I’m not typically much of a car guy actually, but I enjoy management games, engineering games, and learning about the aesthetics and history of car design. So this is a very fun game!

Quite new as yet, but hopeful to participate and learn a lot more.

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welcome to the forum

Name: Devon Black

Occupation: Gunsmithing

Location: USA Minnesota

Interests: Games, Vehicles, YouTube (DevyKins on YT), firearms

Vehicles Currently Owned: Kawasaki Balius ZR250 (For sale atm), 1992 Suzuki Cappuccino

Dream Garage Vehicles: Waaaaaay to many.

Previous Vehicles of Interest: 1978 BMW 2002 | 2008 Crown Vic

How did you find us? WhyBeAre!

Hi all, I’m Nines.

I’m from Australia. I’ve been around the Automation Community for a long time here and there. I’m looking forward to sharing some content, challenges and guides on the game with everyone. I’m predominately focused on playing sandbox autobeam. My dream garage would have an Morgan Aero 8 and a mid 00s Toyota Century.

Ta x

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