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Please introduce yourselves here!

Edit: Please keep it to introductions only, no discussion in this thread. /Killrob


So here is a bit about myself, and a template for people to work on, you can fill as much or as little as you like.

Name: Caswal “Zeussy” Parker

Occupation: Games Programming Teacher

Location: Original UK, Currently living in Melbourne Australia

Interests: Games, Programming, Vehicles, WWII Stuff

Vehicles Currently Owned: Kawasaki Balius ZR250 (For sale atm), 1992 Suzuki Cappuccino

Dream Garage Vehicles: Morgan Aero 8, Triumph Street Triple, KettenKrad. Alfa 159 Sports Wagon

Previous Vehicles of Interest: Suzuki RG250 (woot for 2 smokers), Aprillia Tuono RS50

How did you find us? Well, we are us, but how did u find us? Google, facebook, wikipedia etc?


Moved from the UK to Australia to study, stayed on to teach. Working in my spare time on this project. Only have a motorcycle license, no car license (due to various circumstances).

My older brother is an awesome garage mechanic, and always peaked my interest with the things he built. Such as a little 75CC trike, and a dune buggy (powerd by a GS250 engine) for one of my brithdays. Living on a Farm both of these were great fun.

Also build the franken car that is my dads landrover. Which is an old Land rover series 3 body, with a home built firewall/bulkhead on a shortened 1987 Range Rover chassis, running a TD200 engine and auto box from a late 90’s discovery. It Originally was running with Rover V8’s that kept dieing due to the ghost of lucas past, it also had dual combine harvester exhausts.

My bros current project is turbo charging an '89 Suzuki GSX-750R.

Name: Andrew “Daffyflyer” Lamb

Occupation: IT Support

Location: Canberra, Australia - Moving to Melbourne soon hopefully!

Interests: Games, Art, Cars & Motorsport

Vehicles Currently Owned: 1994 Mazda MX5 Clubman (Modified, see Below), 1995 Mitsubishi Lancer Coupe (Also Modified)

Dream Garage Vehicles: Lotus 211, Ferrari F430 Scuderia

About: Met Zeussy while studying 3d Animation, currently working in IT Support, and working on Automation in my spare time/when I should be sleeping!

Own an MX5 with an evil engine (1.8L MX5 engine, with Cams, porting, exhaust, extractors, forged internals, ECU - 130kw approx @ 7600), desperately in need of a coat of paint and a new softtop!

Also own a 1995 Lancer Coupe with a 103kw Proton Satria 1.8L, a low ratio box and some suspension mods, also looks like a heap of shite but goes well :slight_smile:

Keen on playing games, doing motorsport and trackdays, and working on 3d art, so this project combines all my loves really! :smiley:

name: chris “fordford” sharpe.

location: nottingham england.

occupation: printer

current set of wheels: honda civic type r.

dream garage: ford gt , ferrari enzo

looking to create ultimate dream car on automation.

previous cars: ford mondeo st220 and a bunch of ford fiesta’s

:smiley: looking really forward to the game.

how did i find you?

simple type car tycoon games and your in the top 10 in the results.

ive been looking for a game like automation since about 2005.having played car tycoon and the like ive been looking for something better even writing to game developers(makers of previous car tycoon games) if its something on the horizon but no reply.
love what you guys are doing,cant wait to play it (not sure i can wait a year though lol)keep up the great work looks fantastic you have got a winner on your hands here.
kind regards

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Name: Caitlin “Caitlin” Caitlin (that is my whole name. Definitely.)

Occupation: Using daffyflyer’s money to bake cakes, play computer games and sit on the internet. Also occasionally looking for jobs.

**Location: ** Next to Daffy. Singing. And driving him insane.

Interests:** Internet, eating, weeping as all my money trickles into cars.

Vehicles Currently Owned: Shared with Daffy - although he missed one which he may still be trying to sell? It looks kind of like a fridge. I’m not a very good marketer.

Dream Garage Vehicles:** Something that starts more reliably than our mx5 but is just as fun. And something whooshy and luxurious but which goes round corners. And an original mini. And anything else that happens to be shiny.

About:** Associated with the daffyflyer, obviously, I contribute precisely nothing to this project except occasional interruptions to make 1/3 of the team go do dishes. Despite not really being the target audience (not nerdy enough about cars) I’m still super excited about this game because I like it when niches get filled. Oh no wait that sounds awfully suspect.

Name: Jayelinda “Nortala” Suridge

Occupation: Games programmer

Location: Melbourne Australia

Interests: Programming, games, languages, spiders

Vehicles Currently Owned: None atm. A combination of good public transport and expensive parking leads to spend my money on other things.

Dream Garage Vehicles: I want one of these.

Studied with Daffy and Zeussy, now partnered to the latter. I have to confess I know a lot more about game engines than car ones - but it’s OK, I’m not the one tweaking the stats.

I think this game has a lot of potential and I’m looking forward to seeing it complete.

Name: Stuart “Bauer” Thorp

Occupation: Banker - which bank? not that one :slight_smile: (and I am a mechanic by trade). No talent to be of much use to you sorry :wink:

Lives: Launceston Tasmania

Vehicles: 1994 Mazda MX-5 and an 09 Lancer

Where did I find you: Followed Daffy from a post of his and have kept an eye on you lot ever since. Not stalking, honest.
I have beta tested a few mods n sods for sim racing games so my interest in this was piqued. Also enjoyed Detroit :smiley:

Name: Alexander Jonsson

Occupation: Student

Lives: Luleå, Sweden (far up north)

Drives: Nothing at the moment. I do have plans to buy a BMW 5-series E39 though.

How did I find you? Well, actually I just googled to see if there was a game like this being made (talk about luck)

welcome Bauer and Jonsson!

Name: Rob Hayden 37 Father of 4

Occupation: Owner Mechanic/Musician

Location: Myrtle Beach,SC US

Interests: Family,Work,Music,Cars,Racing,Gaming,Fishing

Vehicles Currently Owned: 1997 F-250,1997 Lincoln Town Car,1989 Dodge Ram Charger,1972 Baja Beetle

Dream Garage Vehicles: 1957 Chevy Bel-Air,Cobra 427,Lambo Countach,Ford Super Chief 4x4

About: I’m an easy going guy,love family and work at my small shop,do some gaming when I can.Love most all forms of racing and everything dealing with cars/trucks.

My most favorite gaming interest since 2003 is Nascar Sim Racing 2003 On-Line.I try to race at my favorite league at least once a week or more.

Thanks for check’n out my profile.
Here are a few links of mine.

Work Site:

Game Site:

First Name: Jakub

Occupation: Student

Location: A small town in Poland

Interests: Role Playing, video Games, 3d modelling, cars, Republika music

How did I find you: I just googled “car industry games”

About me:
I’m sorry for my English, it isn’t my native language. As I mentioned in Interests, i like 3d modelling - actually, I’m beginner modeller, and I want to be professional modeller in near future.

My favorite video games are Stunts, Detroit, Carmageddon II, Civilization III. I also played Car Tycoon, but i didn’t like it. I think that main reason is, it has too little customization.

I think Automation is going to be very good game, game of my dreams, i would say, if you of course finish it.

welcome kubboz and rghjr

Name: Steve

Occupation: Student

Location: UK

Interests: Games, Airsofting, cars, anything military

Vehicles Currently Owned: Vauxhall Astra coupe, Track day Vauxhall Vectra

Dream Garage Vehicles: Sierra Cosworth RS500, Astra Coupe 888 version, Vauxhall Monaro VXR

Previous Vehicles of Interest: Fiesta SI with 2.0 mondeo engine fitted, MK2 Escort 4 door


Worked in boring jobs until I decided to try and get into what I wanted to do since I was 10 (motor vehicle repair). Spent most of my time when I was younger working on cars with my stepdad (Mk1 escort mexico and Mk2 escort RS2000) so learned how to build engines and pretty much everything else on cars, also learned about making them go faster than the manufacturer intended.

My 2 cars at the moment are both work in progress mainly my Vectra which has taken a lot of fabrication work simply because no one uses them on track days (apart from the V6 challenege cars but the money involved is a bit more than I would be willing to spend)

I have a few suggestions I would like to share as this is a game I have always wanted to see on the market but the ones that are out have always left me a little cold because of the simplicity of them.

Welcome Steve.

You should post some pics of the vectra, sounds like a cool project.

The lack of depth in other games of this kind Is pretty much the inspiration behind the project.

If you have ideas for the game, get in the suggestions forum and start posting! :slight_smile:

Name: Antonis Kostantinopoulos

Occupation: Currently studying Informatics in university.

Location: Greece

Interests: History, Cars.

Vehicles Owned: Peugeot 106 Rallye.

Dream Garage: Citroen DS, BMW E39 M5, BMW E30 M3, Peugeot 205 T16

About: Well I found about the game by searching in the internet about car industry games. I’m very excited about Automation and the whole concept around it and I wish best of luck on the project and I hope in the meantime I can help around in the best possible way! :slight_smile:

Citroen DS! BMW E30!

I think you will be right at home here

Awesome! :smiley: Can’t wait for my cars to flood the market! :smiley:

Name: Josh Solanes

Occupation: Pharmacy Technician (and University of South Florida student, studying computer engineering)

Location: Odessa, FL (USA)

Interests: Programming, Cars/Modding, Games

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2003 Acura RSX Base Model with a long list of mods

Dream Garage Vehicles: Porsche GT3 RS

I’m 24 and work as a Pharmacy Technician full time while going to USF full time. I spend about 90% of my free time either online learning more about my car (at ClubRSX.com, where I saw a thread related to this site), or actually modding my car.

I just pulled the motor out on Friday and will be swapping a TSX motor into it (K24A2) for the added power. If anyone is interested, I can type up the mod list :slight_smile:

Name: Chris “Dasspeil” Putt

Occupation: Electrical Linesman

Location: Born and bred in New Plymouth, New Zealand but currently reside in Melbourne, Australia

Interests: Gaming - Strat like the Civ Series, World War II Online: Battleground Europe, and pretty much all sports and racing games.

**Vehicles Currently Owned:**1994 HSV VR ClubSport, 1970 Holden LC Torana GTR (Complete with 308 V8 :smiley:)

Dream Garage Vehicles: 2010 HSV VE Series 3 GTS, 2009 HDT VE Group A SS, Any kind of Holden Monaro, from HT to the VZ GTO. Toranas, i absolutly love them! A 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500, 1971 Ford Falcon XY GT-HO Phase 3.

Previous Vehicles of Interest: Pretty much all bombs, my 1995 Holden VS Exectutive wasnt bad though for a pile of rubbish. 5 Speed manual (somewhat hard to find), with factory LSD, IRS and chip (possible cop car) made that thing fly, destroying VS SS’s off the line and holding them at bay for a little while.


Born in New Zealand, been living in Australia for 10 years, with 9 of those spent in Melbourne. The other year or so i spent in Brisbane. Ive always been right into gaming, ever since i watched my next door neighbour play a game on his Atari (i think, could even been older) when i was about 3 or 4 years old. I especially enjoy war gaming, flight sims etc, and #1 on that list currently is World War 2 Online: Battleground Europe.

I also enjoy the Civilization series alot and have really been enjoying Civ 5 (when it works lol). As stated im an electrical Linesman, which means i play with powerlines and all that fun stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as cars go, im definatly a Holden man (General Motors - Holden for the Americans that might be here, cars like the new Pontiac GTO’s are Holden Monaros, and the new Pontiac GXP G8 is the newest model Holden over here, and im pretty sure most Holdens are also Vauxhall in mother England (eg Monaro).

How did i find this place: Well, i played World War 2 Online with Zeussy and Daffy and when Zeussy dissapeared to make this, he badgered me to join the forums and get on board, which ofcourse, i did :smiley:

Name: Sami “Hazardous” Liikanen

Occupation: Social game developer

Location: Finland

Interests: Motorsports, gaming, photography, music

Vehicles Currently Owned: Erm… I have two bicycles, do those count? I live in a city so no need for a practical car and no place to keep a fun car…

Dream Garage Vehicles: Oh boy… Off the top of my head a 1970s Plymouth Barracuda (in orange and black, Interstate '76 style minus guns), Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Miura SV, 1930s Cadillac V16, Bugatti Type 57 Coupe… There’s a lot more and these change on daily basis so it’s pretty hopeless to list :laughing:


Massive fan of motorsports (F1, WRC, ALMS, V8 Supercars… If it has engine I’m interested, if it also has four wheels and goes fast you really got my attention) and through that cars in general, although I (sadly) have no mechanical background on that field.

Also a big fan of tycoon games (Railroad Tycoon 2 and 3, and the Caesar series are among my favourites) and obviously racing games (just finished Dirt 1, Dirt 2 should be in my mailbox shortly, still waiting for GT5). Used to do sim-racing actively back in my student days.