IP Automotive LTD (Inactual)

Thread not actual anymore.


These designs are simple but they work for the era. Also you need to improve that photoshopping a tad but you’re definitely onto something :grin:

But you’re definitely onto something. Keep on improving!

Wow! Apart from so mess ups on the erasure (particularly around the fenders), those are really good. You’ve matched lighting, vantage, and even focal length quite well all of which many photosh00ps fail to do correctly if at all. My honest initial impression of the green and black Lilys was:

“What a lazy piece of crap! He’s not even making his cars in Automation. He’s just… oh those are photoshops! Very nice…”

Keep it up. Work on your background removal and these are going to be something special.

To be honest, it is really only by accident if I managed to get all of this right…

These are really good photoshops, just add some shadows and highlights onto the cars and you’re good to go :slight_smile:

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Superb back stories and well written. Think the cats need some chrome though, especially on the rear of the Highway Star.

Don’t know what made me laugh more on your van’s first photoshopped pic - this extrathin guy behind the wheel or the car’s surprised face xD

Other than that, very good, keep it up

Keep in mind that this started out as a company building cars for people that finally could afford them, barely. More chrome and more advanced designs will evolve later in the timeline…

Nice. Your photo editing skills leave me in awe and add to the realistic feel.

Inspired of the Facel Vega? :slight_smile:

Both Facel and 50-60s Mercedes are sources of inspiration, and then there is only “so much” that you can do with the front end of this body. :slight_smile:

I am not the biggest fan of the designs themselves, but I really like the background given and the presentation of the models and your brand!

Well, you got a proper car there. Feels like it belongs in a classic movie :grin:

A car worthy some mad south-east asian dictator, I guess… :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Brigadeer in it is a nice competitor to Mastin’s Malamute and Rottweiler. The brigadeer is faster for sure, but a bit thirstier.

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Yes. When the ancient Rugger gets replaced later in the 80s (I blame the complete lack of good 70s minitruck bodies for this :stuck_out_tongue: ), it will have a 4x4 option and even spawn a 4x4 station wagon version, which will be a little bit more road oriented but still offroad capable, with IFS etc. which maybe will be digging a bit into Rottweiler territory too. Think of the Brigadeer as aimed against Patrol/Land Cruiser territory (there was utes of those models too), V8 VIP model even against Range Rover and similar cars, while the 80s Rugger will be aiming at the Nissan Hardbody/Navara/King Cab and its Pathfinder/Terrano sibling, if compared to cars of the real universe. But that’s still some years away…

[patiently waits for IP Mimas release]

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Yeah, it’s soon 1984… :slight_smile:

to be honest

that car looks really sad/ depressed with these pop-up-headlights

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