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Iramitsu Jidōsha Kabushikigaisha and IKO Kabushikigaisha are two fictional Japanese car manufacturers based in the city of Iwazama, in the Aichi prefecture

Our history

Iramitsu’s history starts back in 1906, when Keiichi Mitsuyada founded “Mitsuyada Ronbun”, a small paper-making business based in the city of Iwazama, in the Aichi prefecture.

In 1922, during the radio craze of the 20’s, the company expanded in the technology business and started making radios

In 1934, the radio business got so profitable that “Mitsuyada Ronbun” changed name to “Mitsuyada Rajio” (Mitsuyada Radios), while still keeping the paper business alive

In 1946, Keiichi’s son Iratashi took over the family business. Iratashi was more interested in mechanics than electronics, so he left his position of president in favor of his brother Rizatoshi.

In 1953, Iratashi convinced his brother to finance a car business connected to Mitsuyada Rajio so, with a group of 4 engineers, he started developing a small Kei-class car. After 4 years of development, the car was ready to be produced. The only thing they needed was a name. At the end, they decided to settle on “Iramitsu”, a combination of Iratashi’s name and surname

At the 1957 Tokyo Motor Show, the Iramitsu IR360 was presented to the public. It wasn’t an instant hit, but it sold decently during its 21-years lifespan
The IR360 was followed that same year by the much bigger IR700 sedan and by the “massive” IR1400 sedan a year later.

Iramitsu’s entire 1959 lineup

In 1961, an Austrian entrepreneur called Ulrich Zattenhausen went for a business trip to Japan, looking for something fresh to import to Europe. During that trip, he used an IR700 Deluxe Iramatic as his rental car, and he fell in love with it. He contacted Iramitsu’s HQ, asking if he could start selling Iramitsu’s cars in Europe. After some negotiations, Iramitsu’s management agreed, and so the first Iramitsu dealership outside of Japan was established in Vienna, the 23rd of February 1962

In 1964, with the introduction of the Iwazama (Iramitsu’s first real sports car, named after the city where the company was founded), Iramitsu decided to step up their game and started selling cars in bigger markets like the United States and Canada. Their expansion was helped by the introduction of the Nihon (National in Japan) high-level luxury sedan in 1965, but, as we will see later on, nothing goes always smoothly.

In 1967, at the Tokyo Motor Show, Iramitsu unveiled their most popular car to this day, the Koi. The small sedan, created to replace the now outdated IR700 was an instant hit all around the world. Three years later, the Aichi was unveiled, as a replacement to the bigger IR1400

However, tragedy struck in 1972: a defective batch of brakes installed on around 10000 USDM Aichis lead to some accidents. The company moved swiftly to solve the problem, issuing a recall to fix the defect, but unfortunately, these defective brakes had already taken the lives of 15 people. Iramitsu’s president at the time, Sakichi Mitsuyada (Iratashi’s son) was so devastated by what happened that he decided to resign from the company. He unfortunately died just 2 months later because of a stress-induced hearth attack.

After the 1972 scandal, Iramitsu was in deep financial crisis, with its parent company, the freshly renamed Mitsuyada Technologies, even thinking about shutting down the entire automotive business, but, then, Iratashi’s nephew Kazutoshi got the role of president. Under his lead, Iramitsu went back to profit in just 5 years, also helped by the economic problems created by the 1973 Oil Crisis, that lead lots of consumers worldwide, but especially in America, towards small, efficient Japanese cars.

In 1978, Mitsuyada Technologies decided to split Iramitsu’s Kei-car operations and their regular production into two different companies, creating IKO (Iramitsu Kei-car Operations) in the process. The first IKO car started life as the IR360 replacement, the IR550. It later evolved in the current-day Polis

In 1980, Iramitsu introduced the Hako, the company’s first new small car since their establishment in 1957.

Iramitsu and IKO’s market share kept growing during the 80’s, culminating with Iramitsu becoming the 3rd biggest Japanese car manufacturer.

In 1982, in order to give the company a more young and performance-oriented appearance, management decided to take full control over Iramitsu International Racing Cars KG (IIRC for short), an Austrian-based tuning shop connected to Mr. Zattenhausen’s dealership that became Iramitsu’s official performance division in 1963, renaming the business Iramitsu Shōri (shōri is Japanese for victory). After the acquisition, Shōri started pumping out tuned Iramitsu cars, filling a popular market like the “Hot Hatch” one

Fun fact: the VS logo was created by overlapping the first letters of Shōri and victory

In 1985, the company started “Project Lobster”, which would become 5 years later what is considered Iramitsu’s magnum opus, the 1990 Starfire Performance and Starfire Shōri VS. Sadly though, the Starfire was one of the cars that was harmed the most by the 1992 Japanese economic crisis, so Iramitsu decided to pull the plug on it after just 3 years and less than 15000 cars sold.

In 1996 Iramitsu unveiled its first BEV car, the Iramitsu IraZap IZ1. IKO followed two years later with a BEV version of the Polis (the Polis KZ). Currently the Mitsuyada Corporation is working on both BEV and FCEV technologies, while waiting to see which one will be the future

In 2004 Iramitsu developed their first hybrid car, the Koi IraMix. To this day, the various iterations of the Koi IM are still the 2nd best selling hybrid car ever

Company values

Our company values of quality, convenience, high-level engineering and user experience have always been promoted by our mottoes, here ordered by year

1957-1963: “Go for quality, go for Iramitsu”
1964-1973: “The Japanese car to beat them all”
1974-1992: “Choose wisely, choose Iramitsu”
1993-2005: “Building the future, one step at a time”
2006-today: “Only the best of Japanese engineering”

1978-2002: “Lightweight enjoyment”
2003-today: “Great engineering, small cars”

Iramitsu's Current Lineup

The current generation of Koi is available in 3 different trim levels, with 4 different engine choices and 2 body options

Koi 0.9T Personal hatchback
Powered by our state-of-the-art K-Series 0.9L 3-cylinder, the Personal is the Koi’s base model. Even though it is not the best the Koi range has to offer, it still has all the modern features you might want, like an infotainment system, the best safety aids and a great gas mileage

Koi 1.4T Brilliant hatchback and Spazia
The mid-range Koi is available with either an hatchback body or an estate body (Spazia). The Koi Brilliant offers basically everything you would find in a luxury hatchback at a reasonable price.

Koi 1.4T Excellent Iramatic
The top-of-the-range Koi is basically a budget luxury car, all delivered with the typical refinement and quality you find in an Iramitsu product, with great touches like Iramitsu’s award-winning “Iramatic” automatic gearbox

Koi IraZap IZ
The IraZap is the BEV version of the Koi. Based on the Excellent, it offers the best of the Koi world, but with 0 emissions. Thanks to the best of Mitsuyada’s Li-ion cells, the Koi IZ can go 320km with a single charge in Standard mode, and a whopping 400km in Maximum IZ mode

Koi IraMix IM
The Koi IM is the hybrid version of the Koi. Like the IZ, it’s based on the Excellent. Unlike most of its rivals, the Koi IM is a real hybrid car, none of that scam that is mild-hybrid


The Aichi is Iramitsu’s 2nd biggest saloon for sale globally. It’s available in all markets in 2 body configurations, 6 trim levels and 6 engine choices. It has just been updated for the 2021 MY, with some design tweaks

Aichi 1.6T Brilliant and Brilliant Spazia
The Aichi Brilliant, in both saloon and Spazia bodies, it’s a great, honest car, with an already very good offering of features uncommon in other brands “base model” saloons

Aichi 2.2T Excellent Iramatic and Excellent Spazia Iramatic
Like with the Koi, the Aichi Excellent offers luxuries comparable to those of a premium car but at a cheaper price. The Aichi Excellent is a great choice for people who drive a lot and want something comfy, reliable and easy to use

Aichi 2.2T Exquisite Iramatic AWD and Exquisite Spazia Iramatic AWD
The top-of-the-range Aichi Exquisite offers actual flagship cars features at a fraction of the price. With Iramitsu’s advanced AWD system and great Iramatic gearbox, every journey will be the best one you’ve ever had

Aichi IraZap IZ and IZH
The Aichi is available in both BEV and FCEV form, proving that Iramitsu it’s upfront in humanity’s struggle towards a cleaner future. We’re proud to say that the IZ can go 450km in Standard mode and 510km in Extreme IZ mode, while the IZH can go over 800km with a single refueling

Aichi IraMix IM
The Aichi IM is the perfect Aichi if you want to reduce your carbon footprint but you think that it’s still too early to get a full EV. We totally agree with you, that’s why we’ve made the Aichi IM in such a way that you can still have a long journey in EV mode, with the best autonomy for any hybrid car currently for sale


IKO's Current Lineup

The Joyster is IKO best sporty Kei car so far. It’s currently available in 3 different trims, with 2 different engine choices

Joyster Spec S
The Spec S is the best car to start if you want to have fun with a Kei car. The best part is that, like all other Joysters, it can average less than 4L/100km of fuel economy, making it the most efficient sports car currently available for sale

Joyster Spec L KeiMatic
The Spec L is the more upscale trim option of the Joyster. It features chromed inserts all around, a wonderful “KeiMatic” automatic gearbox and the best interior comforts you can find on a Kei car

Joyster KZ
The KZ is the first totally EV sporty Kei car. Even though it’s very small, it can still fit a battery big enough to reach a range of 200km in Standard mode and 250km in Extra KZ mode

Shōri Experience

The Iramitsu, IKO, Shōri, IraMix, Iramatic, IraZap and KZ brands, the Iramitsu logo, the IKO logo and the “VS” logo are trademarks of the Mitsuyada Corporation of Japan. 2021, all rights reserved

The Koi doesn’t look too bad for the most part, although the headlights seem too big in my opinion; a slimmer set would make it look less scary and more attractive. Also, the rear taillight clusters appear to be too small relative to the car’s body. If only it shared more of its exterior colors with its namesake (such as bright red, yellow and orange); if it did, customers would be able to express their personality more easily. Come to think of it, a high-performance version would be a welcome addition to the range, assuming the fundamentals are adequate for the task.

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Thank you very much for your feedback! I’ll definitely fix it in a mid-life update planned for 2021.
For the colour, that’s just Iramitsu’s “Heritage white”, which is the basic colour for every Iramitsu/K-Motors car. The owner can, of course, personalize the car with different colours and colour combinations
About the high-performance version, you will find it in the “Shōri Experience” section when it will be finished

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The New 2021 Iramitsu Koi is finally here!

Iramitsu Jidōsha, Only The Best Of Japanese Engineering

The Iramitsu brand and logo are trademarks of the Mitsuyada Corporation of Japan. 2021, all rights reserved


Today, we’ll take a look to one of the most important cars we have ever made, the first generation Koi from 1967.

Unveiled at the 1967 Tokio Motor Show, the Koi was designed to replace the now 10 years old IR700. In this 10 years much had changed. Consumers wanted more power, more comfort, nicer designs and better fuel efficiency, and the little sedan delivered on everything

A big part of the Koi’s early success can be attributed to the new generation of engines, the IR A-Series 4-cylinder, which revolutionized our whole engine lineup.
The A-Series was Iramitsu’s first non-performance engine that ditched the pushrod valve arrangement in favour of a more modern OHC setup. Thanks to a substantial bump in engine capacity (from 707cc on a regular B-Type to 1214cc in this specific version) and to a dual carburettor setup, we were able to produce more twice the power of the old B-Type
The A-Series proved to be such a good design, that we kept using it until 1989 as the engine choice for the non-Shōri Iramitsu Hakos in the 1000 and 1100cc versions by just updating the fuel system. We also made a DOHC version of the A-Series, dubbed the B-Series, in 1971 as a more performance-oriented compact engine. Today, the A-Series legacy lives on with the marvel of engineering that are the J-Series and our pride and joy, the I-Series

The first-gen Koi was designed by our internal design team in Japan, proving that cooperation is the key to success. The front, in particular, was inspired by our flagship, the National. This inspiration became the design signature that united the whole Iramitsu lineup

That’s all for today, stay tuned for another look back to our rich and interesting history!

Iramitsu Jidōsha, Only The Best Of Japanese Engineering

The Iramitsu and Shōri brands and the Iramitsu logo are trademarks of the Mitsuyada Corporation of Japan. 2021, all rights reserved

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Coming 2021
To the Pinnacle once again

Iramitsu Jidōsha, Only The Best Of Japanese Engineering
The Iramitsu brand and logos are trademarks of the Mitsuyada Corporation of Japan. 2021, all rights reserved

Introducing the new Iramitsu National

Iramitsu Jidōsha, Only The Best Of Japanese Engineering

The Iramitsu brand, the Iramitsu logo and the National logo are trademarks of the Mitsuyada Corporation of Japan. 2021, all rights reserved