Is it on mac

Is automation available on mac

Taken from the FAQ:

[quote][size=150]6. Are you coming out with a Linux/Mac/Android/IOS/PS3/Commodore 64 version[/size]

Windows PC Only I’m afraid, Its a big enough project already without having to worry about other platforms![/quote]

Owww that sucks

Sorry its a PC game only…have to by a PC to play it that is the way this game is I am afraid Dansoncars…

No he hasn’t… you can always dual-boot, that makes it run on Macs. But no, there will be no dedicated version.

I had to laugh at the last one Commodore 64…are you mad?!

Figured we’d better tell people EVERYTHING its not coming out for :wink: wine works on macs as well

is there a rule against advertising other sites on this forum?

As long as they are used in proper context: of course not! Otherwise: yes.

If anyone tries out WINE I’d appreciate it if they’d report back to us and let us know how well it works/if it works at all. As it’d be really useful to be able to tell people if they can/can’t use WINE.

I tried it on my MacPro Early 2009 with os 10.8, but i was running in some problems with the .net framework which seems to be a problem in wine.
Do you use .net in the hole game or only in the launcher part? If it is only the launcher there is a good chance to run Automation
on osx using wine, if you can get rid of .net.

I’ll give it a go on my linux box and report back.

and after half an hour i got nothing :confused:

Any chance of getting a direct installer instead of a downloader? i think that may help quite a bit with getting it working under Wine.

I’ve gotten really close to getting it to work using Wine. I’ve got a DXE error.

As far as I know, I’m the furthest on so far. I spent a couple of nights trying to get it going, and managed to get it to load to the splashscreen and play audio, but then it just went black. Ended up knackering my Ubuntu install messing with GPU drivers. I may go back to it again after the next patch is released and see if I can get that final bit working, and write up a guide for it.

If you have tried, any luck?