Is it possible to add multiple configs for a single car?

Hello everyone. I’m new in this game and I couldn’t find any option to export multiple configs under one model. I made a model with one body and 2 engine option (V6 and I4) but I can’t export them in single model, they’re showing under different names in BeamNG car selector (I mean V6 and I4 configs are not under one model name like V6 and I4 Ibishu Pessima). Is there any way to select V6 and I4 under same model in BeamNG?

Sorry if I did any spelling mistake or what I wrote is not clearly understandable. English isn’t my primary language.

I think there’s a way to do it by moving the files, but I never tried it


So there’s no way from in game export tool. @MrAdi

correct, you have to manually merge the car zip files and their jbeam files, and then re-write the necessary references within these jbeam files (which IDK how to do)


It is not possible at the present time (from the in-game export tool).

This will be a feature in a future version of the game, but I was told it is very difficult to implement/program.


Oh, OK. It’s good to hear they’re working on it. Thanks for the info. @Slim_Jim