Is the military gen set scenario possible in the demo?

Despite only having the demo (I’m getting the full game for christmas) I’ve managed to get decent medals in most of the engine scenarios, and at least complete all of the scenarios available to me, except for the military gen set challenge. I’ve managed to get reasonably close to completing it, with every requirement satisfied except for power, where I was ~7bhp off, but I haven’t managed to get everything complete at once.

I understand that it is rated as insane difficulty, but having struggled to meet all of the requirements I looked for solutions online to see where I was going wrong. There is an engine that was suggested on the wiki, but it was too big, not powerful enough, not economical enough and not reliable enough. There are also some old forum posts with engines that passed the challenge, but the challenge had different requirements back then so they weren’t relevant.

Is the challenge actually impossible without adding a turbo from the full alpha, or have I just missed a magic combination that will get me past the challenge?

You did well if you got that far! The scenario you speak of is actually broken in the current version. I think our very best still managed to barely get through it with a score of something like 1020, but it is not balanced right now. The new engine size game mechanics broke this scenario and all other scenarios which had a size limit to them. Our beta team is currently working out a rebalance which will be implemented with the next update.

Ah OK, I’m glad to hear its not just me being rubbish. It would also explain why I’ve not got much better than a bronze on the stupid small scenario (although I thought that was because I didn’t have access to V8s so I didn’t try as hard). I guess that fixing this will be quite low down on your priorities, especially since you said somewhere that you have stopped work on the engine builder for now to flesh out the car designer and career aspect of the game

If anyone has an engine that passes the military gen set challenge without a turbo I’d be very interested to see it.

Nah, that is pretty high up on the priority list as it can be frustrating as fuck to play… and tutorial scenarios being broken is NOT a way to get new players into the game. The next update is not that far off, and the rebalance will be part of that to fix these issues :slight_smile:

Oh sweet. Has any more info been posted about the next update? I had a quick look around the forum but didn’t see anything obvious

oh thanks for the tip, i’ve spent countless hours trying to get that done. :smiley: