Is there a way to put my own emblems on the car?

I think the thing, everybody puts the same emblems on the car is bad. Thats why I ask this. Sorry if it is already here. I didn’t find anything matches.

there was a lot of discussion on how to do it, can’t remember what the final verdict was, but won’t be happening that soon

The search function is a bit crap, but I found this instantly, so you must not have tried very hard :wink:

As far as I know, it’s not a top priority. Though, it would be very nice, but it requires quite a lot of work. Maybe the devs can make some example badges, and then some basic shapes like square, circle, triangle and such, which you then can scale and rotate into a badge to match your custom design and save that somewhere. But saving fixture scale and layout is another thing discussed before.

Right now, custom badges wont be in for a long time.

There is a way. As long as you’re competent in 3D modelling software, it should be a piece of cake.

I’m making tracks. Who’s making emblems? hahahaha

Ultimate, already looked into the 3D modelling part… but that isnt as easy. The modelling is, but making them work correctly ingame is the point :wink:

It’ll be reasonably easy once we’ve written all the documentation explaining how to do it right (as long as you have 3ds max)

I’ve tried to open the files containing the car models but i got a .kjc file, which im not too familiar with :confused: .

That’s our own format, specific to the Kee engine, so yeah :wink: