Is there going to manufacturing and sale variety?

A better early to explain this is are you thinking about allowing the user to create a major
car company like for or Toyota that make lots of cars for relatively affordable or is the user
going to be able to decide if they want to make a smaller quote on quote supercar company
like pagani or loutus, maybe even rolls Royce which specializes in high end luxury cars which take longer to produce and sells for a much higher prices and generally is much higher quality than the mass produced cars. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say but please get back to me on the subject. Thanks

The player is free to decide what kind of company they want to run, from giant, multinational companies like Ford, all the way down to tiny setups based out of small towns. Much like companies like Noble, and Pagani.

I think he refers to having subbrands, that focus on more niche markets. Im not sure actually that this will be do-able. Would be good though, to have a sub brand focusing on exotic sports cars, that, if you fail at that, it wont affect your main company reputation (at all) as much as it would have been a car produced by your main company.