Is There Way to go Back An update?

Im in the open beta public and when i opened steam, automation just started updating and when i open it, everything is incompatible with the new version. Is there a way to go back to where the mods compatible again?

right click on the automation tab and select properties. After that, go to the beta section and select none on the beta branch option.

Is that going to delete my cars? i had this issue more than once

make a backup of your Automation folder on My Games, then rollback, but its not meant to delete your cars

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If you made a car in the new version, it’s probable that it will break the database of cars, especially if you try to open it in the old build.

You also WILL need to clear the cache, or the game will crash on the paint tab.

@Admiral_Obvious I havent touched the new versions because i was thinking if i would have, all my cars would dissapear for the 3rd time. So i just went back, Thanks ANyways

@Arvok1 thank you! i opt out of the open beta and went back. And everything worked! Thanks !

I went back to non-beta version, and none of my cars dissapeared, also I haven’t had to clear cache for game no to crash on paint tab, or any other

That’s good to know. Most people how had reverted to the old version had their game crash. Probably because they added a paint in the beta which breaks things.