Isle of Man: Flat out

Basically, flat out with an Impreza WRX STi on the Isle of Man TT course, with narration to explain every single thing he does.

[size=150]Be amazed![/size]

This is insane. During the TT races, bikes go on the same narrow roads at 200+mph!

BONUS FACT: The only McDonalds on the Isle of Man is located down the road to the left at 3:35 in the video. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I read somewhere not that long ago that the entire Isle of Man TT course was going to be on Gran Turismo 7, so soon we will be able to do the same ourselves (but probably not as well and most likely with more crashes :stuck_out_tongue:)

Now that’s having balls of steel xD
Seriously, one tiny mistake on this course and it’ll be your last, most players won’t even be able to finish it with a somewhat decent time on GT7.
Especially in the forest with the light flickering through, you really have to memorise the track there, I tried to follow, I’d have crashed 3 times in there, just by not being able to follow the track.

I love these videos. My favourite is probably this one, because it was averaging 100+ and well, it’s a Rover 800. It’s not exactly the first car you think of for this sort of thing.