Issues with 4.1 Campaign

Hi everyone, I’m a bit late to the party on the 4.2 alpha but I wanted to finish my BMC campaign I have 100+ hours in.

So it’s 1994 and a bunch of various issues have come up. For around 12 months it’s as if my news feed stopped working. All the engines and cars that completed during that time, I can no longer do a facelift for. It eventually came back roughly a year later in game, and one of cars that had completed engineering in 1992, that I could not facelift, came up as completed in 1994 and I can facelift it again. Any idea as to issue or any potential fixes? This has thrown a huge wrench into my companies strategy and a number of my key late 80’s-early 90’s cars can’t be updated into the early 2000’s like I planned for. I believe this may have happened when I had the most car lines (18+) going and it appeared to come back once I had finally consolidated my legacy products and streamlined my product lines.

Another issue, when it auto saves, if I don’t manually save, when I restart or after a crash (which is happening more frequently), it’ll boot up Jan of that year but with the progress I had. For example designed an engine 06/1992. Booted up my save and it’s 01/1992 but my engine line is ready to go?

A more minor issue is the sales, production and ability to start / stop production is all goofed. Prices aren’t showing up, production isn’t showing up despite me selling cars? Some car’s won’t start production despite everything being done and having the engine production up. When a pause a line it takes a few months to actually stop or it just doesn’t stop.

All of these issues have amounted to a decent bit of frustration. I just want to finish off this campaign on a high so I can try again on a harder difficulty in 4.2 if that’s even worth it. It seems like after x number of products or complication the campaign framework just can’t handle it and messes up it seems. Any suggestions are very weclome.


Unfortunately I can’t help out since I haven’t played campaign much…
But just so that you know, campaign is disabled in 4.2 alpha for now, it will be enabled though

Darn, 4.2 isn’t even an option yet. I really enjoy design in the confines of budget, timelines etc. Any idea as to when it may be released?

Honestly, all I can say is that my 4.1 campaign got similarly screwed up, to the point that I’ve abandoned it. Sometime around the 90s too.

As for the 4.2 LC release, there’s been no info on the date yet.

I don’t think anybody has any idea about that. Hopefully this year!

I don’t get what you mean by 4.2 isn’t an option yet. I mean, it is an option which you can opt in for.

In terms of starting a new campaign with all the 4.2 upgrades is what I meant, my apologies for not clarifying.


Ah okay. But yeah, I don’t know when it may be released.