Issues with the workshop

I have been trying to get all of the mods from the workshop into the current version of the game. Specifically things from Necronn and Pyrlix are not getting added to the game. I have tried unsubscribing and resubscribing. I though that my folders in the directories with left over mod materials was causing the problem so I went and deleted all of my local content, went into the folders for everything that was left and deleted it all too, then I reinstalled the game. That didn’t help either. Is anyone else running into this problem, am I doing something wrong. Is it that those people named their stuff names that conflicts? Or did they not upload it correctly to the workshop? I am dying to get a lot of the stuff I had before the workshop switch back so I can back to playing the game. :frowning:

And yes, I restarted the game after every attempt to get the stuff from the workshop into the game.

In your library, right click on automation, then click on properties.

In the “Local files” tab, click on “verify integrity of game cache”

If that doesn’t fix the issue, re-re-re-recheck that you are properly subscribed to the mods.

Game cache was verified, and I checked again. Still Nothing. I have no idea what the issue could be. Is anyone else having these problems? This is a bummer.

Just for kicks try restarting steam, then your PC.

Restarted everything including my computer. No change, it is soo weird.

The problem has to be with the files, because I unsubscribed from everything and then resubscribed just to Necronn’s stuff and it didn’t show up. But everything else has been showing up except for TMPleb. Have you guys Subscribed to these mods, is so do they work for you?

it works fine, otherwise there would be similar topics about errors here already.
The procedure to install mods is very straight forward, I have no idea why you are having troubles. You select what you want, close the game, open it up again, it downloads and appears. Did you skip one of these steps?

Nope, I have skipped none of those steps and I have in fact repeated them several times. I have no idea either. Like I said,I have even gone so far as to completely delete all of the data I had on my computer and reinstall the game and start over.