Itachi Motors (Changed from Axel, Car already made!)

Cheaowr Brand Of Holts. Founded In 1988. Some of its cars is on the same platform of Holts. _Itachi Is a Japenese Company. Itachi Sells Cars From Subcompact All the way to Full size as well. Compact SUVs To full size as well as truck too. _Itachi Has Factories In Europe, South America, Japan, Asia And its headquarters in a State in Japan :jp:. We would love to give our drivers what they want from car to truck. Wide range to choose from. _Itachi Motors

Lineup As of now.


ItachiZinc- Compact Hatchback
Itachi Mars- Compact Car
Itachi Zion- Midsize Vehicle
Itachi Union- Fullsize Vehicle
Itachi Ping- Subcompact Hatch
Itachi Neo- Subcompact Car


Itachi OutSport- Compact SUV
Itachi OutRoad- Midsize SUV
Itachi OutVoyage- Fullsize


Itachi LanZios- Midsize Pickup
ItachiLanDeck- Fullsize Pickup.


Glad to see a rival for my company! Also, a compact hatchback doesn’t make much sense to me for a a luxury/premium brand, or is the company not too upmarket?

@asami Glad to see a rival for my company! Also, a compact hatchback doesn’t make much sense to me for a a luxury/premium brand, or is the company not too upmarket?

Its not up marketed too much, Some of Holts base model cars get more cheap stuff like Standard interior or Hydraulic Steering as well as cheaper springs. Axel Get More expensive things and premium Stuff For a base. Speaking of hatchbacks, Inst Audi a more luxury brand than Volkswagen? They got a hatchback too, the RS3 sportback?

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2019 Axel Zinc



@Holts Reminds me of the BQX4 u just made

Wow, I tought i make good looking cars

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I really like it, a big nice car, but it reminds me of a Holts, and most companies don’t want their brands to look like each other, the grille looked at first like an upside down Holts grille.

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@asami Holts Grille is 6 sides while Axel Grilles are 4 sides

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Axel Zion

*Both Models Shown

Axel Motor Company has been working on several cars and the Zion Is one Of them.
The Zion Is Our Premium Midsize Sedan Comes With Some Standard Features Some Midsizes Dont

Shown Here is The base β€œP” Model (Premium). In pearl white, the outside of lights, grille and darkened things is well showned.

In the Base model you get a 180Hp 1.8L Turbocharged Inline 4. Mated to an 8 speed automatic giving this car 36 Miles Per gallon.

Inside you get 5 leather seats standard. Up front you have a 10-inch LCD Cluster That gives you the car info as well as options of your choice. Over to the right is a 12 inch LCD Touchscreen that can support Apple Car play and Android Autoβ„’. You get 8 Rewind satellite stations, standard reverse camera, climate settings, Navigation as well as how loud you want the proximity sensors to beep at you. Glove box, Button Gear Selector (Mounted On Center Console) Center Storage

Optional Features
– Axel Safe ($350)
– Soft Closing Doors ($350)
– Heated & Ventilated Seats ($2000)
– Optional 16 Way seats ($2500)
– Diffrent Colors ($0)
– Fog lights ($200)
– Rear Entertainment ($1500)
– 2 Power Outlets ($1300)
– Optional Headphones ($850)

Standard Features
– Heated Steering
– 8 way power Seating
– Led Headlights
– Cruise/ Lane Keep Assist
– Door handle With Lock button/ Unlock
– Auto Start/Stop

In back You get a electric trunk wthat has 680L of cargo volume, spare tire, toolkit, dual exhaust plus the rear camera (Not shown Above) As well as the Proximity Sensors.

More Photos

Premium Plus Model In Holts Blueberry

Axel Zion Premium Plus Comes Standard With Foglights. Also with Chrome


It could deserve more power or a sport model

The v6 has 330+ hp as the top model. With AWD @Ejj

Love the rear

A worthy addition to the Holts group range, with a decidedly more premium feel in keeping with its upmarket pricing.

I love the front grille and light designs!

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Thanks! @FitRS

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Axel Mars AP

Axel MArs Front end has been changed*


Love the bottom end of that :+1::+1:

What to expect From Axel Very Soon