Itachi Motors (Itachi Coming to an end)

_Itachi is a cheaper Brand Of Holts. Founded In 1988. Some of its cars is on the same platform or maybe use the same engine thats in a Holts. _Itachi Is a Japenese Company. Itachi Sells Cars From Subcompact All the way to Full size as well. Compact SUVs To full size as well as truck too. _Itachi Has Factories In Europe, South America, Japan, Asia And its headquarters in a State in Japan :jp:. We would love to give our drivers what they want from car to truck. Wide range to choose from. Axel was changed because Holts Is already expensive as it is, 40+k for a base trova. We wanted to make more affordable cars and CEO is the CEO of Holts. Wanted to start a new thread because Axel thread was a rough start and already has cars on it. i need to have better lore and brand image. im more of a new car person

Lineup As of now.


ItachiZinc- Compact Hatchback
Itachi Mars- Compact Car
Itachi Zion- Midsize Vehicle
Itachi Union- Fullsize Vehicle
Itachi Ping- Subcompact Hatch
Itachi Neo- Subcompact Car


Itachi OutSport- Compact SUV
Itachi OutRoad- Midsize SUV
Itachi OutVoyage- Fullsize SUV
Itachi OutLand- Midsize Retrostyle SUV


Itachi LanZios- Midsize Pickup
ItachiLanDeck- Fullsize Pickup.

Given that Holts is a premium brand in its own right, creating Itachi as a replacement for Axel makes perfect sense. I would expect their lineup to use at least some of Holts’ powertrains and platforms for economies of scale.

Itachi Mars

We are glad to have cars more affordable for customers who want an car and some holts identity in it. This car right here is the Itachi Mars an affordable compact car.

Engine & Chassis

The Mars uses is Galvanized Steel Monocoque chassis with partial aluminum panels. Suspension setup are Double wishbone front, Multi link rear. Comfort dont need to be to compromised for the price. The Mars uses Progressive Springs, Twin-Tube Dampers and semi active sway-bars. The Mars score a 37,3 score in comfort. The Mars uses a 1.5L turbocharged Engine with 148HP and 168lb-ft of torque. The engine is connected To A 7-Speed automatic Gearbox helping it get 41MPG combined


The Mars uses Incandescent Headlights as well as tail lights. The trim you are seeing right now is the Base Edition (BE) And dont come with sunroof or fog lights. Plastic trim going around and hubcaps covering the wheels.

Interior & Safety

The Mars Uses a Analog Instrument Cluster with a 5- Inch Screen in the middle. Seats are Cloth In this price range. Infotainment Wise it uses a 8- Inch Diagonal Screen With Backup cam support. Climate are analog and no auto climate nor dual zone climate comes with the BE. The Mars comes with 6 Airbags for saftey. (I dont know anything about airbags).
The Mars start at $26k+

SE (Sport Edition)

The SE (Sport Edition) Is the sportiest out of all of the Trims that come with the Mars.

The SE ads a little more to the MARS, Premium Interior, Park assist, Body kit and a 2.4L Naturally aspirated Engine.

The Engine is a Naturally Aspirated 2.4L Direct injected putting out 191HP at 7000RPMS. The SE comes with a auto or a Manual (Save the Manuals) The SE does 0-60 In 7.7 Seconds With the manual and still gets a decent 28MPG

Market (suspension was fixed)

Market Scores for the BE

2020 Itachi Zion
The New Itachi Zion Is Here and is ready to win your choice of midsize car.

Standard Midsize Vehicle

The New Zion is more wallet friendly and is way more affordable than before. We had to cut cost in specific places to get it down to this level
Driving The Zion

So don't expect too much luxury out of the Zion. Well the model your seeing is the Premium Model. In the Zion, you can get standard springs or progressive as options. All Zions come with Electric Steering helping you to an easy drive. Gauge Cluster is Analog With a screen In the Middle.The Zion gets best in class* Non Hybrid Fuel economy at 41MPG average
Chassis & Suspension

So as a standard Midsize car, you should expect standard chassis and suspension. The chassis is a Partial Alu Galvanised Steel. This setup saves a lot of money and reduce cost to the customers as well. You can get 2 Engine options From a 4cyl turbo to a V6 turbo. AWD only with the V6.

(Click For Bigger Image)
(V6 Is actualy 278HP Not 280)


2020 Itachi OutSport
The All New Outsport Is ready and is now presented here. Will it take your mind off a Real car or a Automation Compact SUV?

Affordable Compact SUV

The OutSport Is here and ready to get your eyes looking at this instead of the Subaru Forester or a Honda CRV.

About the OutSport

The New OutSport Is A compact Midsize SUV That competes with the others, Honda CRV, Subaru Forester, Nissan Rouge, ETC.. The outsport is the new kid on the block and want to prove it can be your next choice of Compact SUV. Whether its for your kid or for yourself. The New Outsport Comes with Best In class Standard 200HP from its turbocharged inline 4 and best in class* Gas mileage at 38MPG Combined* The New Outsport Has many options for your choice as well as different trim options. The model your looking at is the Base model 2.0T


We didn't cheap Everywhere on the Outsport, even though the Price Is starting at $24100. There is plastic trimming that can be optioned for body coloring or standard on upper trim levels, LED DRLs and LED tail light accents. We saved more of the Premium For an upper trim level but this is what you get for $25500. Is this going to be your next buy?

So as you would expect at a 26000 dollar pricepoint, You get Cloth Seats, Soft touch materials with hard plastic in some areas, Grey, Beige, Black Interior for color options. The standard infotainment system Is a 10 Inch Itachi Drive Base Infotainent Screen. And for cargo Volume, you get 1020L of Room. Would this be your next buy?
More Pictures

Also, The asterisk mean that as far that i know, the fuel economy is best in class as well as the horsepower (meaning i could be wrong)
2020 Itachi Zinc
Need a Small Car that can get you around, not too powerful, for your kid, and affordable? or maybe even a taxi for your company? or just a useful car?
This Is the New Itachi Zinc Hatch


The New Zinc Has many color options, engine options and a Manual option to make your drive more engaging. The new Zinc comes standard with a Turbocharged 1.5L inline 4 putting out 128HP and 156LB-FT of torque. Engine Horsepower ranges for the Zinc will Be From The standard 128 up to a 240HP Turbo ed Inline 5.

Driving The Zinc

The New Zinc is not too cheap to where it wont be a decent drive. The Zinc comes with a 1.5L turbocharged 4 making 128HP and 156 lb-ft of torque. All of that torque gives you some push when that turbo spools. The engine in this car is teamed with a 7-Speed DCT helping the Zinc get 47 MPG combined. No inline 3s in this case, as we feel less than 120HP is too under powered for this car. The Zinc Comes with cloth seats, Itachi's Basic Nav System and a 4-way Electronic Driver Seat.


The Zinc Was designed to look aggressive and sporty. We designed the Zinc With a big mouth for that aggressive look. The Indents in the hood going all the way to bumper adds to that. At this price of $18500, You still get LED DRLs and LED taillights and fog lights standard. Standard Zinc Comes with Alloys in Long Life Tires.

Sport Tuned Zinc (Supōtsu)

The Zinc Supōtsu as you see, its the Sporty Version. Supotsu is a Japanese word for sport, Itachi is a Japanese Brand.

The Zinc Supōtsu comes with a 2.5L inline 5 with 236HP and 244LB-FT of torque. That is going to spin the front tires while your getting to 60 in 6.4 seconds. The Zinc Supōtsu is not AWD Because the way the suspension setup is, it does not allow for a compatible AWD system. Pricing is still Under $30k
I hope this is not a big let down that there is no AWD Tire sizes are 235s in the front and 225s in the rear for more FWD traction with this engine.


1.5L Inline 4 (Turbo)
128HP 156lb-ft
Up to 47MPG
2.2L Inline 4 (Turbo)
170HP 187lb-ft
Up to 40MPG
2.5L Inline 5 (Turbo) (Sport Only)
236HP 240lb-ft
Up to 33MPG
Trim Options

S (Standard)

Also, the roof on the Supotsu is supposed to be A paint, not plastic. I couldnt find a way to make it look like paint

Crap i just realized the outsport dosent have any mirrors :hushed:


The Outsport will Be getting Itachi’s AWD system and a V6. Cant be a crossover without an AWD option!. (Climbing over big rocks is Not recomended.)

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2020 Itachi Outroad

Explore more of the canyons with the Outroad.


The Outroad is a midsize SUV. Dont get it mixed up with the BQX-5. The Outroad is a "standard" midsize SUV. As Itachi Designer continue to improve with each car, the cars design just gets better as time go on. WIth The lights wrapping around the side going into this mold on the doors and connecting with the rear tail lights.

Engine & Specs

With only one engine choice at the moment, the Outroad comes with a 3.0L turbocharged V6 engine with 281HP and 315lb-ft of torque connected to a 8 speed FWD and getting 29MPG combined. The Outroad weighs just under 4200LBS and managed a 0-60 in 7.8 seconds. Dont worry, if you get the AWD option, you still get the same Fuel economy and slightly faster 0-60 times.


The Standard Outroad comes with A High Quality Reverse camera, lane departure warning and parking sensors so you dont dent or scratch up your new paint.
3.0L Turbo V6 (281HP 315lb-ft)
2021 Itachi OutVoyage


Ready For Long trips with the big family. Get to your destination safely and comfortably in the All New 2021 Itachi OutVoyage.


Whem we are talking about room we mean lots of it. With the OutVoyage You get tremendous amount of legroom for you and your passengers with a optional 3 Row seating that can carry up to 8 passengers and still get all of your luggage in the back. Interior wise, we gave the interior a bolder style with more premium material than its rivals. Sitting up front, first thing you notice is the chrome trim in between the 2 vents, giving the OutVoyage a unique style with a 12 inch infotainment system, and kept, is the volume and tune knob.



The OutVoyage Is one of our more premium looking SUVS, with LEDS all around, DRLs that flow into the grille and our thin QuadLumination LED Headlights (Quadlumination LED is our signature Top of the line headlight 4LEDS) giving you one of the best vision at night with our cool 8000k Blue.


The Standard OutVoyage S give you many standard features from saftey adn tech, standard with Itachi Immense Audio System (IAS) making you feel like your at a concert, standard lane keep and collision warning. Standard Engine is a turbocharged 3.7L V6 making 375HP and 392 torque. Paired with a 8-Speed Automatic, the OutVoyage can get up to 18MPG combined. Price comes in at $54000


The SL Comes With a 5.6L V8 From the Holts HMS HS-Line But its Detuned to 440HP and quieter. higher quality materials around and a standard 3 passenger 3rd row while the first 2 rows are all captain seats. Optional Rear TV for rear passengers with bluetooth conectivity, so you can use your own earbuds or headphones.

Pictures Of the SL


2021 Itachi Zion

Modern n Simple

The styling of the New ZION is a more simple, ordinary look. The front Of the New Zion comes standard with our QuadLumination LED headlights for maximum lumination of the road at night with a bright LED DRL around it giving it a more aggressive stance during day, and especially at night.

The Technology in the Zion is up to par, with standard Android Auto and Apple Carplay, Digital infotainment and Instrument cluster and standard with ItachiVison.

– (yes, i made a mistake not putting mirrors)

Want a more sporty look but keeping the same gas mileage, here is the Itachi Zion Supotsu - Line. The Supotsu Line gives you bigger rims, Black Trimming at the bottom of the bumper, more aggressive grille and bigger “vents” in the rear bumper. While keeping the same 1.8L turbocharged inline 4 with 192HP and 204 torque.

Now the Actual Supotsu Is where the Fun starts. Higher Power, AWD, Launch Control… The Supotsu comes with a 2.5L Inline 5 With 296HP and over 300 Torque paired to a 7 Speed Helping With a best in class 5.2 second 0-60. 0.1 second faster than the Sonata N Line.



The S (Standard) comes with a 1.8L turbocharged engine, 192HP and 204 torque. The engine is mated to a 7-Speed dual clutch, and managing 42MPG combined. ItachiVision Standard and the Bright QuadLumination headlights. $26200

Supotsu- Line

The line comes with the same Engine as the Standard. With the Supotsu Line, You get Supotsu styling without the price of the Supotsu, Autolocking Diff, Sportier tuned suspension and 17 inch rims. $27000


The Supotsu is the Ultimate Zion. With a engine note that will make you smile and performance that will throw you in your seat, The 2.5L 5 cylinder mated to the AWD system In the Zion Will be a blast to drive with 18 inch Rims. $32200.

In a sense, you might be right; the Zion does not have the oversized grille commonly found on most modern cars. And yes, the interior is a long way off the very best in terms of detail, but it’s a start - and I like the way you improvised certain interior components (a slatted rectangular vent for interior air vents, and a window/sunroof fixture for the infotainment and instrument panel screens). I did the same thing with my CSR 139 entry - but that’s a story for another thread.

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Yes in terms of detail In the interior, i just focused on the main parts. Usually i would spend alot of time on the interior but this time just the basic stuff and the exterior.

2021 Itachi OutRoad


The Interior pf the OutRoad has the latest technology, Digital Instrument Cluster, 13 inch Infotainment screen with Android Auto/ Apple Carplay. In the Center, You see a Scroll wheel for the infotainment, if you do not prefer to touch, and some cup holders. under the screen, is a storage compartment for what you choose. and under that, there is 3 knobs for the AC and a wireless charging pad. Leather Seats Standard.


Taking Some design cues from the Zion, The Outroad Comes with the QuadLumination headlights, some angles on the side with plastic cladding, and LED taillights.

The Outroad SL is the more loaded model with bigger infotainment, heated and cooled seats, different styled bottom end. Sunroof standard as well as 7 seats. On the base model, you have to option the 7 seats. All OutRoads Come with a 2.5L turbocharged Inline 4 with 296HP and 325 torque.

Outroad S

The OutRoad S is the standard model, LED DRL 17 inch rims, apple carplay and android auto, FWD with an 9 speed auto making 28MPG average. $30600

OutRoad SL

The SL comes with a Standard Tilt N slide Sunroof, exterior design modifications. and adaptive suspension and Itachi Immerse Sound System. $33700
Offroad- Line

The Offroad-Line is lifted up couple inches, adaptive dampers, thicker tires and a lockable diff (AWD) which make it more capable offroad. $34900
2021 Itachi OutLand

It may be a older body, but that dont mean it dont have the latest tech

Now your probably wondering why did Itachi Go with a old boxy body? Well, we wanted to do some type of retrostyle, old body while being a 2021. This is also supposed to like show this is a reliable and not expensive SUV. With Some big badging, bit of body molding, etc. At the Rear End, there is a lightbar which is the tailight while the outside are the break lights with the turn signal. Simple design.

The Engine for the OutLand is a 4.0L Pushrod Naturally Aspitated V6, making 275HP at 5900RPM and 271 torque. mated to a 6 speed transmission. Helping to manage 60 in 7.9 seconds.

The Intetior of the OutLand may not be Luxurious, but there is not many stuff that can break either, you get power windows, 6 way seats, dual climate, not to many luxurious things other than the digital gauge cluster
and semi cloth/leather seats. The OutLand S scores a 71.3 reliability score

Here is a video, No scraping!

This trim of the OutLand Has a 5.6L V8, which you can see on the grille and the fender 5.6.
The V8 has 345HP and 355 torque. The Torque comes in at a low 3300 RPM. This do get some upgrades to the exterior, Infinite Lumination Headlights, bigger rims with black inside, stiffer suspension, dual exhaust etc…

The Outland S Starts at $31500
The Outland V8 $35550


I was skeptical that a body that unlocks as early as 1990(!) could be used for a truly great-looking car after 2010 (or even 2020) - until now. But a 4.0L OHV atmo V6 as the base engine? In this day and age, that is an antiquated choice; a turbo DOHC I6 would have been more appropriate from an economy and emissions standpoint. Then again, that pushrod mill is a much more reliable option, so there is some justification for using it. As for the 5.6L V8, is it also OHV like the V6, or is it a SOHC/DOHC unit instead? In any case, the new OutLand is just as convincing as the OutRoad.


@abg7 the OutLand V8 also uses a pushrod method, the reason Itachi didn’t use any turbos on this vehicle is because itachi’s plan was to make reliable and last as long as possible, which turbos do not do often. Also the OutLand V6 And V8 both get 17MPG combined.

So, an old-school American approach to powertrains, then. And you have made it work very convincingly indeed.

@abg7 yea, and both vehicles do use a 6 speed automatic and all are AWD for the off-road capability and 6 speed for less moving parts :slightly_smiling_face:

2021 Itachi Mars, you don’t need a hybrid to get decent gas mileage (4.24, OLD)

Agressive styling but.... at a affordable price

(brake and turn signal on)

The design of the Mars is more aggresive than anything itatchi has released yet, with very sharp angles front to back, LED all around and a bold front end, even for a base model. This compact sedan is a looker.

The engine For the Mars S is a small 1.2L turbocharged inline 3 outputting 138HP, paired to a 7-speed ItachiSpeed Transmission. While you may be thinking "all that boldness but slow) well the Mars does 60 in 9.8 Seconds but it gets 46 MPG combined. You can get a sporty design with great gas mileage.

The Interior Of The Mars is Very simple. Simple Middle Stack, simple dashboard layout, everything in the Mars interior is made to work without having to lookup what to do. A volume/Tune Knob combined in one, Outside of the Knob is the Volume, the Inside of it is the Tune Knob, Simple!

Only 3 knobs for the Climate, left being Fan Speed, Middle Being Mode where the air comes out and right is tempuature.

Under that is the Drive Modes, Middle Knob is The modes, while the other buttons are for traction and stability. No Shift lever as that is the RIght Stock of the Sterring wheel (Where the Wipers would be) Flick it down and your in drive. (dont mind the 4 window buttons on the passenger side lol)

The Itachi Mars Sport Is just a apperence upgrade

You get a bigger lip on the trunk, 17 inch rims and dual exhaust, still 138hp Tho

Now, If you want more power, here it is,

The Supotsu -Line is where the power begins. First off, the engine. This is paired with a 2.4L Naturally Aspirated Engine. With 230HP (228) and screaming all the way to 8300RPMS Paired to a 6-Speed Manual. 0-60 Happens in 6.8 Seconds. Styling Wise, You get A small diffuser, bigger trunk lip, and 18 inch rims and bigger front vents.

Also, the “vents” not plastic on this trim either :slight_smile:

This is the First Ever Itachi Mars Supotsu, Strong appearance, Sporty, And Quick.

The Mars Supotsu comes with a 2.5L Inline 5 Making 312HP Paired To ItachiSpeed Transmission. 0-60 happens in 4.3 seconds (beamNG). Quarter mile happens in a quick 13.2 Seconds.



The S is the basic model, 1.2L Inline 3, 138HP 46MPG combined $21500 16 inch rims

On the sport, you still get the 1.2L but you also get a manual option and a bigger trunk lip and dual exhaust. $22000

Supotsu Line

A 2,4L inline 4 involved with this, 8300RPM Redline and Supotsu Trim with Carbon Interior Trimming



2.5L Inline 5, 312HP, 19 inch rims, 4.2 seconds to 60, all for for $36000

I wanna learn how to format lol

More Pictures