Italian localization

Congratulations for the work done
Hi I wanted to know if you are going to translate the game in Italian languageItalian localization?

Yes! Eventually this will definitely happen :slight_smile: (before release)

Do you have already someone for the Italian localization? May I help? :unamused:

We don’t have set up a team for it yet. As soon as we start the next translations, your help will be most welcome :slight_smile:

Can I give my help too? I’m pretty good with translations, let me know

Sure, we’ll need all the help we can get once we are rolling with the translation, it’s a lot of work! :slight_smile:

news about italian translation? Can I give my help too?

We’re going to do the translation as late as possible because the game changes so much with every update. So after the Grand Campaign is fully playable it makes sense to start taking a good look at the translations.

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