It's a Cortina... It's a Granada... It's a Del Rey!

This is my ride! An beautiful 1985 Ford Del Rey.

Now, if you looked to the picture and said: “What the F*** is this?”, no problem, just click below and learn a little.


Well, looks like you’re lost.
The Ford Del Rey was built in Brazil from 1981 to 1991 and its chassis come from Ford Corcel, that why has wheel base so low (2,44 meters).

(Corcel and Del Rey side by side)

The Del Rey was a gas saver luxury car, because gasoline is expensive even to the richest guys.

Became famous by the perfection in interior, unnecessary huge doors, no torque at all and great reliability.

From factory, it comes only with two engines available: 1.6L I4 OHV (1981-1989) and 1.8L I4 SOHC (1989-1991), all 2-barrel carbureted. The transmission had FWD with manual (4 or 5 gears) or automatic (3 gears). Also was the fuel option, Gasoline (87 RON) or Ethanol (110 RON).

In Del Rey family was Pampa (Pickup) and Belina (Wagon).

The car was from my grandfather, but he get tired from take care an old car and give the ride to me.
Since then i’ve participated some classic car shows and meet a few mechanics.

Its powertrain is a reliable Ford 1555cc OHV inline 4 longitudinal powered by Ethanol and linked with an 5 manual transmission FWD.

This car is great for long trips and okay for city use but terrible at traffics.

There’s a lot to do about restoration to his old glory, but i think it will be a nice project.

Nowadays I only use at weekends to impress ladies and go to old cars shows.


Bem pensado em postar a história. O pessoal aqui chutou que a minha Brasilia era um Golf kkkkkkk

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Well it’s actually a Renault 12.

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Brazilian car maket is a weird mix of engeneering. Don’t ask. Better yet, ask, we like to explain this s**t.


This car looks great for a Del Rey. Most of the time, when I see one on car groups, it’s worn-out and barely in one piece. Even though it was a luxury car, most owners probably work it like a Kombi for some reason… Your car is in very good condition considering that!

Have you seen any Pampas around in Brazil? I have a Brazilian magazine that mentions it (comparing it to the Courier pickup), but without pictures.

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indeed. :joy:

Yes, there a lot of Pampa here. It isn’t bigger than a Courier, but is cheaper, so still making success in brazilian streets.

About use a Del Rey for work, well it’s normal. When a car gets old, the price go down and anyone can buy.

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Huh, is that so… There is a Brazilian man who posts a lot of local cars on a car group I’m a part of, but he hasn’t posted a Pampa. Guess he hasn’t been lucky yet.
Poor Courier though, she was supposed to be the sucessor to make people forget the Pampa, but everyone would rather run a Pampa instead, haha.

Well I can understand that. The Del Rey has simple engines and doesn’t have much electronics. But there are bigger simple cars, like a Kombi, or small reliable hatchbacks like a Palio, a Gol or a Celta. It seems like an odd choice with so many cheap cars around…

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Well hot damn, TIL that even foreign classic Ford’s look fantastic. That is a seriously nice ride :sunglasses:

how successful is the lady impressing tho


I was going to say both fantastic and Malaise-y at the same time, which is an impressive combo. :smiley:

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Well, the Del Ray is considered a old peoples car… But I can’t say anyting since I’m pretty sucessfull at impressing people with my cheap old VW…


The malaise era started with the first car imported here and didn’t ended up yet.

Honestly looks like a shitbox at to us 'Muricans. Who knew a simple looking package could actually hold an interesting car?

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It’s looks remind me of a Chrysler K car. Perhaps these are what they would’ve looked like if Ford didn’t fire Lee Iaccoca.

Without much result, but I keep trying hahahahaha :laughing:

South america in general. Like the argentinian IKA Torino, which was a 1960s Rambler with the OHC Straight six engine from the early Jeep Wagoneer, years before AMC and Jeep became one, and later sold as a Renault when they bought IKA, also a few years before Renault took a share in AMC. Renault also built Ramblers in Belgium during the early 1960s.

Brazilians and their 2 mid-size sedans

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