JCM Corporation

JCM Corporation is an automobile manufacturer founded in Spain in 2019. Our main objective is to create safe, modern and efficient cars. We will share with you all our creations.


JCM Executive - 6.0 V12 640 hp - 9 speed automatic gearbox - AWD

JCM Executive R

JCM One - 1.5 Turbo 130 hp - 6 speed manual gearbox - FWD

JCM Sportclassic - 5.0 V8 510 hp - 7 speed manual transmission - RWD

JCM Worldclimber - 5.0 V6 360 hp - 7 speed torque converter transmission - AWD

JCM Compact Final Edition - 2.0 I4 200 hp - 6 speed manual transmission - AWD

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very basic use of fixtures, but not necessarily in a bad way.

most cars are (compared to other three-fixture-“wonders”) pleasant to look at

the JCM Project Efficiency is very bare though


The whole lineup… is a case of minimalism done right, for a change. Very straightforward, but surprisingly, very effective - and futuristic - as well.

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He big but one day you’ll hopefully improve to using more unique fixtures. I was in your position too as we all were but you’re surprisingly great at design when it comes to minimalism.

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Quite agreed.

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I like the idea but with that engine displacement you might as well make it a V8. Typically you’d find V6 displacement sizes around 2.8L-4.2L. If you’re gonna be making a 5L V6 that big then it’s gonna consume lots of fuel and provide you with less power than that of a V8. Your car lacks headlights, it’s got a very high ground clearance even for the narrow off-roader it is so it’s gonna be more vulnerable to flipping over especially with its high center of gravity which makes it quite unsafe and cars like it are usually manual although that colour choice of yours is interesting. I can see what you were trying to do with the front and rear ends but we use a smaller fixture for that, here have a look at this

This here is one of my older cars with fixture vomit but if you look close to the wheels you’ll see plastic bits; these are plastic bumper parts.


Thank you for your comments and for your photo, I have seen some interesting details.

The reason I have put a large displacement is to get a lot of torque at very low rpm, like truck engines.

This version of the Worldclimber is intended to be handled only at low speeds outside the asphalt, through very complicated terrain, which is the reason it has such a high ground clearance. The bumpers are entirely made of plastic to provide robustness and make the replacement cheaper.

The circular headlights integrates the low beam, high beam, daytime and signal lamps.

In the near future there will be a cheaper Worldclimber variant, more focused on use on asphalt (lower suspension) with a 4-cylinder 2.2-liter engine.

For modern, minimalist designs , i love these cars… it really is a case of less is more!!!

have you ever thought about doing a few 70s and 80s concepts (ik this company is very recent but i think itd be nice to see some older ones too )

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Introducing JCM Sportclassic

JCM Sportclassic Cabrio

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If this car comes in wagon and convertible body styles, surely a formal coupe (with a separate boot) would also be offered? Also, the dual round taillights may not be the best choice for it.

JCM Worldclimber G3

JCM Sportclassic facelift and new coupe variant

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JCM One facelift

JCM Compact Final Edition

Introducing JCM Executive. 6.0 V12 640 CV, AWD, 9-speed torque converter automatic transmission

JCM Executive R


JCM Executive Lightspeed (Race Car) - 6.3 V12 Twin Turbo with 1560 HP

0-100 km/h in 1.8s
80-120 in 0.7s
Automation Track Lap Time: 1:39.94