Hi guys, im back running another challenge: the 2000 JDM Sport Icon. If you like minimally cars you love this type of car: Nissan Skyline GT-R, Toyota Supra, Mazda RX-7, Honda NSX, Mitsubishi 3000GT and many others cars can be use as example of a sport car JDM icon. Your mission is make a competitor for this cars following this rules:


Age of production: 2000


Prohibited use of carburetors.
Prohibited use of race intake.
Fuel Type: Regular - 91 RON
Must have catalytic converter and one muffler at least.
Production Units: 45
Engineering Time: 120
Minimum reliability: 60


No 4x4.
No sequencial transmission.
No semi slick or off-road tyres.
Must have, at least, ABS.
Must have 4 seats, 2+2 or 4 complete seats.
Production Units: 140
Engineering Time: 130
Maximum fuel consumption: 6 km/l (5,9 or less is prohibited)
Minimum comfort: 12
Car must be sold in Gasmea


Scores (1 to 5): Engine Power, Price, Fuel economy, Score (Sport), Style, Realism, Powertrain.


The challenge will have 2 stage (the scores for each position will depend of the quantity of entries):
First Stage: Automation Test Track: Race Track Circuit
Second Stage: Trial Mountain
In case of draw I will do a drag race in West Coast, USA: Drag strip as Tie breaker race.
I will made a video of this entire trial phase from the first impressions to the results in my youtube channel: Noob Entusiasta - YouTube


To entering the competition will need to send the .car file of your car for me in Message here or in Discord, you’ll find me on my discord channel (Discord) until March 23.

So that’s it, good luck for all.


I’m interested in participating, but I don’t think 45 engineering time for engines is a value that will work anymore; could you check some examples of what you have in mind in a version after the March patch and maybe revise that?

I cant manage to get below 100 on the engine ET without making a decent engine, so I guess your right.

45 ET on engine and 130 ET overall seems pretty impossible to me unless you want poor performance all-round. Granted I’m a god-awful tuner but surely we need a bit more leeway if it needs to compete with Skyline GT-Rs, right?
I’ll give it a go but can’t promise anything with these rules OP

we need WAY more ET in general to be able to make anything remotely sporty

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its updated now, the engine ET limit should be 120

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Sorry, I’m really don’t know how i’m put those numbers there but now is right.


Olha que coisa, um Br aqui, nais to mitiu

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Also, we are supposed to make the road going version of the car, right?

NA Americano. Yes, is like the car mention on the post.

Why 2+2 seats? the NSX which you showed is mid engined and only has 2 seats.

The RX7 also don’t have, but the majority and most famous cars are coupes with 4 seats, small rear seats but it has. The rule is for balance the competition and prevent people to make OP race cars.

That sounds fair in itself but also means you are effectively banning mid-engined cars. If you consider the NSX that was still stupid expensive compared to other JDM cars but the turbo MR2 was not. Can you confirm that you don’t want any mid-engined cars for this?


I think is impossible to make a mid engine car with 4 seats, but it isn’t my objective ban this cars only because i don’t want them. I’m trying very hard to make the most balance challenge I can and I think this will be a good rule for this. If you hate front mount engine you can create a rear mount :wink:

Do you mean just the trim year, or does it apply to the model and trim? Also, why haven’t you mentioned a maximum price or a profit margin in the rule set?

One more thing: most JDM sports cars (with the obvious exception of the RX-7) were powered by four- or six-cylinder engines, many of them turbocharged - but will there be a strict limit on cylinder count for this challenge?

probably it’s implied in the ET and PU since going above six cylinders will likely cause a compromise in the other choices.

where are the rules as I do currently not see them

Post #1, click on the little arrows that say “rules”

the arrows aint workin!

I get that depending what browser I’m using