JD's Design Lounge (JDL)

So what is this challange series ?

This is design challange with a reward. I will host them. The rules will be easy and they will also catch in realism borders. Submitted cars will need to be compatible with 4.24 OB version of game. Cars need to be submited via DM. Of course winner will get reward via DM (.car file). Useless comments like: "what is this challange" or some comments for rules aren't welcome.

Now how this challange looks in general

I don't care about engine graph, chassis materials, price, I care about design. Also, some elements like brakes or their calipers color are thing that I care about. Car needs to have some fixtures on it, low efford car will be immediately disqualified. Some elements like wipers or defroster lines aren't that needed. And yes, if you don't want to participate, don't participate.

Scoring Merit

•Overall looks

•Quirkiness factor

•Era correctness/modernism

•Design Consistency and Attention to detail


Car: JDL(Round Number) - [USER] | [CAR NAME]
Engine: (Write down whatever you want lol)

(sorry for crappy html, i cant it)

EV design challange

Okay, so mabye lets do an EV challange. Here are some rules:

•Manufacture year: 2011-2020

•Grills are acceptable but no in grill mesh color

•Some accents like green or blue stripes are prefered

•Small Hatchback or supercar only

•Being Realistic is strongly prefered

•No descaled license plates

Deadline to 24th May

Speaking of reward, this is it


Just for clarification, what does “No in grille mesh color” mean?

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The grille has to be a solid colour, not the mesh pattern, so something like the opaque glass, plastics or paint.

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Yes ^

Haven’t finished the badging yet. Also, kept just a little part of the grille on the bottom for brake cooling, hope that’s ok. I can change it if need be but it should fit the realism requirement at least?