Jejuan Motors (W.I.P)

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Jejuain Motors (제주인 모터스 ) Is South Korean Automaker that focuses on cheap and valued cars the company makes everything from subcompact hatchbacks to large crossover's. The Company was started in 1971 as partnership between the large Goryo Group and Masuko Motors LCC with the goal of selling rebadged Masuko's for the Korean market in affordable price.

Over the years the company made many great cars under Hunvia brand during the partnership until 1985 when Masuko sold 55% of it shares making Goryo the largest holder of the joint-company the company started to develop it own tech but still using Masuko Engines and Transmissions until the early 90s.

After the 1990s the company was spin off as it own company with it own HQ and it own staff afterwards the company made it own Engines and Transmissions and started to expand it lineup of cars it also around the the time they picked Jejuain as the new brand name.

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1971-1976 Hunvia Epo ''Cheap and Cheap that all you need to know''
In 1972 one year after the panthership,a rebadged Masuko Duchy but in sedan only was launched with the goal of selling over 60,000 cars in Korea and it was great success in the first year...

Selling over 60,000 cars is not all that easy so it toke a whole lot of time to make the car even though it was rebadge.

Sorry if they are no trim info or more info due to the fact this car was meant to be a placeholder until a new car could come out

It was a long way from being the flashiest or sportiest car in its day, but it was cheap to buy and run - and in the dark days of the Malaise Era, that’s all that mattered.