JOC4A - A Foreign Man In A Foreign Land - [ENTRIES CLOSED]

I don’t mean to bother you, but are the story and review writeups canned or can we still expect them at some point in the future?

aw i wanted to read the story

I can’t promise a timeline, but the intent is to finish the JOC equivalent of the Ryugyong Hotel sooner or later.

So uh, I dont mean to pry or anything but will the story ever be published or have you lot scrapped it?


Ye I am also kinda curious because this is supposed to be some masterpeice story so I kinda want to know if I should have hopes to see it or not.


I’ve put too much work into it to abandon it outright, but FC1 and other things have priority. Don’t lose hope, but don’t hold your breath either.


has this been abandoned?

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gonna go out on a limb and say unfortunately yes…

massive apologies for being the weakest link - hugely shitty situation for everyone involved. i guess the upshot is that ive resolved to not host any more challenges until i can get my shit put together.