JOC5B - 4 wheels good, 8 wheels better [Submissions Closed]

I achieved similar figures with both of my test mules, so 35 seems easily achievable.

In addition, both of my test builds have reliability scores of over 87 - I could get into the 89s by switching to a manual transmission, but for now, at least, I’m sticking with an automatic (specifically, a 6-speed advanced unit) for the sake of drivability and comfort.

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The issue with 35 loudness is not achievability, it’s that budget cars just aren’t that quiet


i get your point, but they’re also not that loud
my family used to own two of the inspiration cars (Golf and Jetta, both 2.5 na 5 cyl) and they weren’t all that loud - sure, you could hear the engine in the cabin a bit but you had to roll down the windows to actually listen to the exhaust. the loudness in this segment comes from sound deadening, vibration dampening and such, which afaik engine loudness doesn’t account for. the actual exhausts and intakes are pretty well restricted in this category. again, i’ll change it to 40, but going further i feel just encourages the use of performance intakes or too few mufflers, which isn’t the point considering it’s not a performance car.


Mexico city mentioned :speaking_head:


Maybe allow the default techpool budget of 80m to be distributed as the user desires, with a minimum of 0? This way NA cars aren’t being punished by wasting techpool, and cars can be more diverse and interesting

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CSR159 had a similar rule regarding a mandatory techpool of 0 for all normally aspirated entries, as an exception to the mandated minimum allocation of +3 for all areas:

It allowed us to divert those otherwise wasted points into other areas as we saw fit, as long as the total techpool + lab cost remained within the $80m limit.


Seems reasonable, i’ll make the change


Hey it says in the brief that they’ll be exploring mountain roads but off road isn’t a priority?


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Like this


Although there has been yet another update for the 4.3 open beta build of Automation, this patch dropped prior to the date at which this JOC will be open for submissions. I just saw the patch as an opportunity to tweak my entries further before I settle on the one I fancy the most.

However, with the latest patch, all techpool areas are now uneditable - if this situation persists, would it be best to delay the opening of this JOC further until another patch drops and we can (hopefully) adjust our techpool to our liking?

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Yeah, I think I’ll also pause, until we get some clarification as to what is happening with techpool.

This is the new way to adjust techpool for cars built in sandbox mode.

I’m currently unable to check, but if the total cost in this page is equivalent to the total cost from the previous version, and everything else is working properly, I can keep the previous rules and timeline. If costs have either increased or decreased after the update, I’m open to suggestions as to how the cost limit should change.

After seeing how the combined total techpool and lab costs for engine and trim have been reduced to $60m for CSR159, I believe that this upper limit should apply to JOC5A as well - especially since my entry’s current techpool allocation now yields a total techpool cost of $40m, down from just under $80m in the previous open beta build.

Very well then, I’ll set a $60M total cost limit and open submissions now.

can i use a pre existing car i made

As long as the car meets the required rule set and fits the brief of the challenge, absolutely. You’re not required to make a new car for every challenge if you already have something that will work.

made a new car instead

can i use a manual

where do i submit