JOC6B - A New Wave (Open to July 26)

i think mustang wagon is a perfect match then :sweat_smile:


Globus Comet

Buy clever, regret never!

Globus offers the best value for money, and for 11.000 Autodollar, we even offer a sedan with a V8. A VEEEE-EEEEEIIIIGHHHTT!!! Plus latest comfort features in a very complete trim level. Extra fees for A/C? NOT WITH GLOBUS. Extra fees for automatic transmission or a decent radio? NOT WITH GLOBUS!
What you see here is the base model. Not more, and not less. Decide yourself how you want to spend your hard-earned money, but make sure to have tested a Globus Comet for it´s value before making the final step to buying your new car.

Also available with touring package, as station wagon or as Comet Supreme with the styling and feel of a luxury sedan for less than 15.000 bucks.

But this base model here is already the perfect all-round compact sedan, sufficiently reliable and economical, even if it comes with a standard V8. We repeat: A VEEE-EIIIIIGHHHT!


What about the interior? Is it going to be judged or is it unnecessary?

Interiors are encouraged but not required and will not be judged. I would suggest putting in at least a basic interior. I’ve updated the rules.


Not having heard any further discussion on the rules, rules are finalized and submissions are open.

OOC: I know its early, but I enjoyed this one and don’t know how much time ill have the next couple weeks so try not to forget about me haha

DMC ORCA is the best choice for your growing family. Now the base models slant 6 and automatic three speed makes driving such a breeze even you wife can drive it !

Seating for six, all the boot space you could need, and we even throw in a roof rack with all our wagons.

Come on by your local dealer today and pick one up for only 11,000 and enjoy your 14mpg !!

Or for a little extra we’ll forge the receipt to show your wife to show what ever you tell her you paid, and you’ll get the sports pack with 366 POLY V8 and 4 Speed manual to haul everything you want under the boot cover. (We wont ask) just bring 18,000 and leave like a man !

  • I’m just being cheeky and era correct, don’t get flustered over some bland dated sexiest jokes. (or PM me and ill remove it and make it more PC, we’re all here for a good time)
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1964 Miller Boar Wagoner 207

This compact 3 door “sportswagon” from Miller comes with a 207 ci straight six with enough power and torque to move the heaviest load with ease. Combined with a “four on the floor” gearbox, this car will satisfy even the more sportier driver.



dude we legit used the same base body, both put roof racks (or at least skids) on rear half the wagon, and even running I6’s lol
I like your grill choice better TBH. best of luck amigo!

It’s come to my attention on the Discord that some folks have concerns about what exactly the realism/design coherence factor means. Sorry for any unnecessary stress my description might have caused. I have added the following clarification to the rules above:

Basically, make something that looks at least approximately like it could exist in the early 1960s, and don’t make any crazy engineering choices. For example, don’t try to shoehorn a V8 into a tiny hatchback or put something on 20-inch rims with low profile tires. The purpose of including realism/design coherence as a scoring factor is to provide a basis to (1) be able to severely penalize totally unrealistic designs and (2) reward entries that pay particular attention to detail and are particularly well designed. I am not going to be “gotcha” binning or penalizing anyone for having headlights that aren’t the exact right size for US regulations at the time or anything like that.


Wooooooo, Viva la Italia or something

It’s the 1964 Ponto Fiorenzi. Designed by a man, who was still living in 1951.

I looked at the inspirations and designed to completely ignore them.

mrek pontos


New for 1964: The Wentworth Oxford, a British car to beat the world.
No part of this car has been spared the attention of the innovators at Wentworth, its advanced hydropneumatic suspension offers a smooth fluid ride and its transversely mounted engine frees up more space for passenger comfort while its hatchback makes for a surplus of convenient and practical storage space.

In 1.8L SC trim it’s new Progeni overhead cam engine provides a good balance of fuel economy and performance for the discerning buyer alongside well padded seats and hydraulic Power Assisted Steering to compliment it’s hydropneumatic suspension in an exceptional overall package.

Coming with a free 2 year warranty you can rest assured that the durability of the product you’re buying matches its other innovative aspects.
Book a free test drive today.
Available for only 13,000.


As I have said, fancy car presentations? Not my thing anymore. Have the IP Icarus 1900 Deluxe Wagon. Enjoy.


it reminds me a bit of an Austin Landcrab - and looks very interessing.

Presenting the 1964 Canmo Gannet, a new compact 6 seater sedan powered by a 3.0L inline six. With an interior trimmed in premium materials, power steering and a 3 speed automatic, commuting is a breeze. Great for longer distance drives with fantasitc fuel economy (17.2mpg).


The 1964 Skyhawk Mayflower Club Wagon V6

Skyhawk’s best selling compact station wagon is nicely restyled for 1964, with a new front that sets it apart from other Skyhawk models whilst keeping the signature look.

It maintains the simple, yet exciting and innovative retractable tailgate and roof for easy loading access.

The side profile maintains a clean and elegant look. It still has four doors, perfect for your family.

The interior is still futuristic and luxurious, with an easy to read speedometer and and gauges.

A comparison to the 1961 and 1963 Mayflower wagons.


The new Armor Valencia offers crisp new sheet metal for a daring look for 1964. Offered in a variety of trims and body styles, the sportiest of them is the Valencia coupe.

This particular model sports options like a premium trim interior and rallye wheels. Though the Valencia does offer a 269 CID V8, many drivers find the 202 CID V6 provides plenty of power without guzzling too much fuel.

More Pics


The rear 3/4 shot looks very Mustangish…nice car man!!


Thanks! That’s exactly what I was going for; a mix between a Mustang, a Barracuda, and some Pontiac style thrown in. I just hope the stats don’t kill me… I’m seeing a lot of cool wagons and I’m wondering if I went in the wrong direction lol.


1964 Angus Lionhead - Octane V6 S

Angus Auto introduces the brand new Lionhead. Good things come in small packages and this is exactly that - at a puny 95in wheelbase, it can sit 4 somewhat comfortably and provides a lot of power for such a small package with a Octane tuned V6 engine in this S trim.

Developing about 150 gross horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque, the 214ci pushrod 2bbl V6 is coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission, propelling this Lionhead to 60mph in under 9 seconds. Top speed is nearly 120mph. This 4-door sedan makes everyday driving with friends and family much easier than you would expect.

Built on a typical ladder steel frame, this new model brings 2 new innovations to Angus, with a semi-trailing arm in the rear and a brand new european-designed Rack & Pinion steering. With a premium interior and leather seats, it is surprisingly comfortable and includes an AM radio with a speaker and comfortable suspension

Only 12k. Buy American Canadian, buy Angus.



1964 Mara Companion 1.3 WA

In the late 1950s, Archanan-born US entrepreneur Maksim ‘Max’ Bricklov started importing the first cars from is home country to the US. Among them, a civilianised 1940s jeep and also several versions of the Mara Tovarysh - renamed Companion - adapted for export.

A typical print advert of the time

(If this all rings a bell for any of you: you have an excellent memory for totally irrelevant things: :smiley: Cult of Personality ][ : The Boogaloo [LORE][RD 5 FINAL RESULTS] - #77 by AndiD)

The post-1963 Companions benefitted from an engine that was revised after almost 20 years in production for the just debuted - but not yet exported - Irena.

Among the four Companion variants on offer, the wagon was most suited for young families looking for an inexpensive yet practical ride: