Journey of Ownership 2 - Part 3 (Poll and discussion)

Hi, everyone! I’m wrapping up CSC and will get started on JOC2 very soon. I’ve been brainstorming ideas to try and engage/excite as many members as possible. I’m sure many here have come to like JOC and what it represents, and I’m one of those people as well.

So, we just had the early 60’s but I think the late 60’s and early 70’s could be very interesting.

So, a poll of ideas. Based on the winner, I’ll draft up a plan.

  • Skip the 60’s and move on to the 70’s. Adulthoodmobiles!
  • Revel in the 60’s - Keith picks the amateur drag racing hobby
  • Revel in the 60’s - Keith gains an interest amateur road trackday events
  • Revel in the 60’s - Keith decides a Van is what he wants!

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Let’s go!

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Looks like so far we’re skipping the 60’s, anybody else want to get in on this poll before I close it and start designing the competition?

Hmmm… so what exactly is an early 70 adulthood mobile anyway?

Luxury land yacht?

Plausible, I was actually quite shocked the majority didn’t want to make a late 60’s dragster or roadcourse carver. If we’re going to the 70’s it will be the early 70’s and, since not all timelines in the multiverse had to include the oil crisis fallout (which was treason and other unconstitutional efforts…really) we could take on the early 70’s without a lack of fuel. That might work to keep it interesting. OK well I’ll keep the poll open a bit longer and we’ll move from there. Thanks!


'70’s adulthood mobile brings visions of roof racks, woodgrain, and tailgates to me. I’m game!

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I think we should stick to a ‘real-world’ depiction of the times instead of the petrolhead utopia where we get cats at the same time as Europe does. If you don’t want choked engines, just set the year to 1971-1973; only things that had changed from the 1960s by that point was net HP ratings, the takeover of unleaded (nonpremium) fuel, and the decline of convertibles. AU/AH is for another series imo…

Yeah, I say like Texaslav. Go for very early 70s in that case and you’ll be fine. I think that the 10-ish year gaps of JOC sometimes feel a bit long-winded anyway so maybe circa 1970 can be a good compromise?

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I’m expecting the next stage of this JOC to be about big American sedans or wagons.

Poll closed, surprising results but “Vox populi, vox Dei”

Very well, Keith will move onward and upward. Being a pilot, that should not be too hard.

Ruleset and mild flavor text coming.


Pssst… Kenneth. Keith was last round. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh wow, you’re right! Its almost like my grandmother that named all sons with L’s, and then got to name me. So it didn’t take long where a flustered grandparent proceeded to, repeatedly, incorrectly call out the name of the person who’s attention she wanted while we all raised our head waiting for her to stop at the name she actually wanted to call. Lon-Larr-Louis…Lanson!

Kenneth will be without kids so I’m making up some reason for him to own something big. Perhaps a new R/C plane hobby.

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Just remember to keep it in the original thread and it will probably be fine. :slight_smile:
For some reason I don’t want to fiddle with an R/C forklift in my spare time but maybe pilots are different? :thinking:

Maybe the adulthoodmobile brief could be flexible, with the possibility of making an SUV or something like that to satisfy a lax set of requirements

I started the new JOC2B in the original thread. Journey of ownership 2 - Rising Star - Part 2B (REVIEWS - PT1) - #110 by Lanson Let’s do this!

Oh I think you’ll approve!