JRLR Motors- Car Sharing Thread

Here is my first attempt(s) at using the Car Designer.
Meet the “…” (no name has been thought of yet to sell this car- at this time.)
This is a “state of the art” design of car.
It brings back the days of the “suicide doors”.
It will come in a variety of colors. Get yours today.
(It has not been determined at this time what the engine size will be. But it is guaranteed to be big enough for the car - maybe a 1.0 liter I-4) :laughing:

(The “edit” that was done on this thread, was only the title.) :wink:

Here is my most recent creation, meet the JRLR Motors Gazelle.

The Gazelle is available in a “base” model that includes a standard interior, but with a Premium entertainment package.

The models are as follows SE —> Which is the base model An SE AWD model.
The next step up is the SXT & the SXT AWD models.
Followed by the SLX & SLX AWD. Which is the “Luxury” model manufactured for anyone that would want a luxury car.

The top of the line is reserved for the highest/ most elite customers of all, that model is the LXR & the XLR ELITE models.
The XLR & the XLR ELITE models incorporate the following luxuries that can not be found on the lower end models.

  1. Hand crafted interiors (which is the top of the line kind of interior available.
  2. Top of the line entertainment package.
  3. The largest most powerful engine (of all the engines) manufactured for this body style.