Junkyard Pics

So I went to a junkyard recently, and i thought i’d share some pics:
I Looked for my 02 grand Caravan I scrapped here, but she is long gone

  1. 1993 Ford Taurus GL

  2. Bunch Of Pontiacs, G6’s, Grand Prix’s, Sunfires

3. Cadillac’s

  1. Old Beetle’s

  2. A 80’s Caddy Hearse

  3. Some random SUVs, A Kia, Chevy, etc.

  4. The same row, vans on the other sides, a Dustbuster, a couple Astro’s, a Windstar, 90s caravan etc.

  5. a Alfa Romeo 164, quite rare in the U.S

Post some Junkyard pics to!


I smile at these pictures but really they make me sad😔

Junk yards are really sad places

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The 164 is particularly intriguing since it was the last Alfa Romeo to be sold in North America until the 8C Competizione in 2006.

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Yeah, when i first saw it I had no idea what it was, but then I saw the grille and then I knew it was a Alfa Romeo. I didn’t even know they sold the 164 here until I found this one. It is sad to see these cars fade away, with the knowledge that they were brand new once


This one hurt me so much that i took a pic of it a while ago. I remember seeing a version of this at the autoshow in the early 90s, and then getting the brochure and seeing this one as the top of the line Cutlass. I always thought that was a pretty ass car, and to see it all fucked off in the junkyard sucks. I wish i could’ve at least saved the seats smh. I dont remember too much about the DOHC it had, cant remember if it was too expensive or hard to work on??? Idk. Most were sold with the 3.1…not sure if those came with 3.8s. Pretty car nonetheless