Just Cause 2 vehicle

Hello !!

I got quite bored on Just Cause 2, so I decided to design some of the Just Cause 2 vehicle.
Starting from the Sakura Aquila, down here :

[size=150]Sakura Aquila Space (WIP)[/size]

image.noelshack.com/minis/2014/18/1398811072-justcause2-2014-04-29-15-55-40-61.png image.noelshack.com/minis/2014/18/1398811072-justcause2-2014-04-29-15-55-36-11.png image.noelshack.com/minis/2014/18/1398811069-justcause2-2014-04-29-15-55-32-00.png
– Rear – Side – Front –

image.noelshack.com/minis/2014/18/1398811364-car-1.png image.noelshack.com/minis/2014/18/1398811366-car-2.png image.noelshack.com/minis/2014/18/1398811361-car-4.png image.noelshack.com/minis/2014/18/1398811355-car-3.png
– Global – Rear – Close front – Close rear –

Note the broken front, it’s a bug from the beta version probably
I’m still trying to find the right headlight model, position and dimensions. Same thing for the main grille.
The rear is pretty well done, and I don’t think it could be better. I’ll try to change the dimensions and the orientation of the rear lights

For those who are curious, here is the engine :

Sakura Aquila Space ePower 90


1.6L L4 atmospheric engine, MPEFI
91.6 HP @ 6.000 RPM
130 NM @ 3500 RPM


That’s very nice! I remember spending hours playing this game, and surprisingly, the Sakura cars were my favorites!

Same here with the sakura’s. they were seriously the most fun cars to drive. :smiley: great model PlaysGames! ^^