Ketchup's Automotive Design Thread

A Thread for posting all of my car designs. I will link a Beamng website link if it features a download. I may have some cars mixed in from UE4-24 and UE4-27. Any Further reading about my Brands can be found on Automation Lore, The wikipedia for Automation Cars:Automation Lore Wiki | Fandom Any vehicle page by SmashJ (Me) is mine

I figure I could start with a car real quick, so the Thread isn’t empty.

The 2023 Omota Evening Crossover!
A Successor to the Discontinued Torvaq, The American Automaker Omota Motor Corporation, has released it’s successor.


Really nice for a first car!

Thanks, but this isnt my first car, Ive been playing the game for abt 5 or so yrs

2004 Tactis Immense, a round Bubble MPV from 2007.


I meant 2004 :joy:

2002 Pentara Tactra: A Compact Sedan introduced for the African, Indonesian, and South American Markets. It Has never received a new generation, but receive’s a facelift every 7 years.


As a miniature MPV, the Immense takes some beating if you want something with lots of interior space - for its size, its interior is, erm, immense. Rather like a TARDIS, in fact.

Yep! A Hunk a Junk MPV from the 2000s

2023 Gavril Party SM Trim (BeamNG brand)
What’s a Fiesta? I drive the one and only Party! Previously available globally. With current gen being sold only in Europe. The Standard Model (SM) is shown. It Uses a 2.4 Liter “EcoPower” I6 that pushes out 213.7 HP, and hits 0-60 in 4.6 Seconds.
Download: 2023 Gavril Party SM | BeamNG


2008 Omota Grand Transvan SZT
One of the first Minivans, now in it’s fifth gen. (This was my second car ever created, base off of my real 08 Grand Caravan I drive for hauling stuff.) I started out as a terrible designer, and over time I gradually fixed it with 4 updates.

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2023 Omota Ampere QX
the everyday bland Kei car seen in nearly every Japanese parking lot


2023 Micron Zest
FACELIFTED FOR 2023! Europe and North America get the new gen, and South America gets the old one with a facelift!


2001 Omota Grand Transvan
Yep another One! Just the previous gen


1993 Askor Cinco
A Good old 90’s American sedan. Askor is a division of French brand Micron? Yep. Askor is headquarterd in the U.S and first sold vehicles in the U.S in 1960.


Grand Transvan vote:

  • Make a 1996 Gen!
  • Make a 1991 Gen!
  • Make 1986 gen!

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If I am allowed to give some constructive criticism, I think the front end is a bit messy. I like the low mounted grille with its square mesh pattern though. If you moved the brightwork up to the top of the grille, made it straight and moved up the turn signals to just below where the brightwork would be, it would be a bit less busy on the eyes, I think.

I do agree on this. I had a slight feeling it was messy. Ill fix it sometime tomorrow

The placement and shape of the main grille make the Cinco look like it’s grinning.

Hello Everyone! I went back into 4.24 to import some cars into 4.27 (yes, this is risky but It worked with the Transvan so) I will share a couple pics of my 4.24 cars that I want to import.

  1. 99% Percent of Modern Omota’s
    These are all SilverLux Designed Omota’s from this version. Here are some examples
    Omota Forest Compact Crossover:

(might get a small revision)
Omota Forista Compact Sedan:

Omota Trimmer Flagship Mid-Size:

Omota VS8 Mid-Size Wagon:

And Many More!