Killrob Goes Let's Player!?

Hey guys!

While we usually don’t want shameless self-promotion on here, wink, I think this might be relevant to interests some of you hold, judging from the comments of my Automation Let’s Play videos at least, which should make this here relevant enough to be in the off-topic section of these forums. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just started out my own channel and have the first few videos up, two series. So why am I posting this? Well, I would like to know your thoughts about the content & style, plus any suggestions you have for improvements.

Have a look at the channel trailer to see what it is about:

The PCM 2016 videos are more of a fun classic Let’s Play, while the Good Robot video(s) are more focused on the developer & designer perspective. See if any of those appeal to you. Do you think this is enough of a unique selling point to grow the channel?

The “Good Robot” video is more of an indication of where my audio is at right now. The first PCM 2016 episodes I did struggle a little with my setup.

Thank you for your input! :slight_smile:


Dude! yes awesome! Sign me up

I don’t usually subscribe to YT channels, but yours has my support!

Watching the first PCM on background now.

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Yay! You’ll make a fine letsplayer Killrob

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:
Is there anything where you say “I’d like to have more/less of that!” when it comes to discussion, etc.?

I hope not. Please stay yourself Killrob.

No worries, I’ll not try to emulate anyone, but want to “up my game” in general to produce more entertaining and/or insightful content - not only for my channel but for Automation’s channel, too.

the discussions about development etc is something unique and very informative for someone that has no clue lol.

i saw this and, ‘meh’
then i saw the ad on that last automation lets play.

now you have my curiousity

Chained to a chair and matchsticks holding your eyes open made you view it? :smiley:

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nice chanel :thumbsup:

Thanks :slight_smile: already got 50-something videos on the channel, it’s quick growing… apart from the subscriber count xD