Killrob’s LCV3 Fruinian Supercars - Merano

Design Competition Overview

Competition is finished!

Here are the winning cars for you to download and drive:
Merano OCD (177.9 KB)

As part of a new release version playthrough of the LCV3 on my private YouTube channel KillrobPlays, I am hosting an informal design competition. Each milestone design by our Fruinian sportscar manufacturer Merano will be visually blank, but technically nailed down in its design.

You, the competitors, will be the designers of these company milestone cars, which will be judged after the playthrough has finished.

Judging will work similar to how the first official Automation design competition was run: in each category (each milestone car) all cars will be assigned a design score between 1 and 10 and a category winner will be determined. The grand winner will be whoever has the highest sum points after all categories have been judged.

Every winning car will be driven around the Automation test track in BeamNG to celebrate the company history and the great designs created. There are no prizes beyond the… GREAT PRESTIGE that comes with bearing the title “Official Chief Designer” of Merano, short: OCD.

You are allowed to submit one car per milestone car I designate as a milestone and provide the .car file for. In the first episode I outlined some of the design pillars of Merano. These should help you shape your designs. Note however that as a single, not-unbiased-but-impartial judge, I will make calls that you will disagree with (especially when it comes to your designs). If you can’t stand the thought of that, please stay away from this competition and just enjoy the ride.

Merano Design Pillars

Styling: Simple, Elegant, Attention to Detail
Company Colors: Deep Classy Red (Main), Black (Secondary), White / Chrome (Highlights)
Car (Technical): Lightweight, Engine First, Driver’s Cars, High Agility
Engine (Technical): Small Capacity, High Revving, Naturally Aspirated, High Quality

I will judge the cars based on how consistent they are with the styling design pillars, how consistent a look is applied to the various angles of the car, as well as how well done the design is in general. The rating scale is from 1 to 10 with half steps. A 5 is a solid design, we’re not doing video game scoring here but use the full available scale.

Design Scope & Rules

Your job as the future Merano OCD is to put fixtures on the car to ONLY style it. Also the township Merano’s HQ is located in is famous for its vanilla ice cream, which means:

  • No Mods (apart from the Merano badges by necronassassin)
  • Non-Aero Fixtures Only (otherwise it would change handling and car stats)
  • No (Additional) Morphing
  • No changing of any technical design choices
  • Make your own badge, but keep it simple enough

Naming & File Handling Rules

Read carefully, I will outright delete cars that do not following this submission rule.

In order to bring the competition .car file into your game, copy it to the folder:
\Documents\My Games\Automation\CarSaveImport

Before you start designing your version of this car, you need to CLONE it from your sandbox car manager. If you do not do that step then it will still have the unique identifier (UID) of the original car and will overwrite the original car when I import it. Thus cars not following this step will overwrite each other, I will snicker, and you will cri evrytiem.

Once you are done with your design, before you export your design for sharing (to get the .car file), you rename the TRIM of the car to your screen name. For instance, if I made a design for the first car in the series, it would be the Model Name: Titus | Trim Name: Killrob, the latter instead of “CLS”. Your chosen screen name needs to be consistent throughout the competition.



You find your exported car in the folder:
\Documents\My Games\Automation\CarSaveExport

Submission Rules

Read carefully, I will outright delete submissions that are not following this rule.

You need to send the bulk of your designs, ALL the .car files you modified and then re-exported as .car files, in a SINGLE zip file to

You need to NAME that zip file with your screen name. For example, I would send an email to the above address with all my individual car designs zipped up as and say “Hi Assassinatebob, here are my cars. Please don’t rek them too hard”.

Submission Deadline

Episodes & Cars

Most episodes come with a new milestone car. At the end of the playthrough I will provide a zip of all the milestone cars. The individual cars can be downloaded via the link in the description below each episode.

Cars Download

As all the episodes now have been released, here is the car pack that includes ALL CARS: (38.9 KB)

All Let’s Play Episodes

Ep.01 - Titus CLS
Ep.02 - (no car)
Ep.03 - Verdini CSS
Ep.04 - Dalius CGT
Ep.05 - (no car)
Ep.06 - (no car)
Ep.07 - Artemis CSX2
Ep.08 - Avantis CGT
Ep.09 - (no car)
Ep.10 - (no car)
Ep.11 - Ultegra CSXR
Ep.12 - Vega CLS
Ep.13 - (no car)
Ep.14 - Freccetta CRX
Ep.15 - Vivace CLS
Ep.16 - (no car)
Ep.17 - Allegro CGTP
Ep.18 - (no car)

I’m looking forward to seeing how this will play out and of course what designs you can come up with! One-off awesome designs will grab some wins, but consistently good designs throughout the eras will give you the overall win. Merano is looking for the OCD in you! :wink:

Note 1: There seems to be an issue with the exporting of ride height. I think I corrected that for the newer cars, but some of the older ones may show a reasonable value upon importing, and then you look at them and they are buggies. If that happens, feel free to lower the car to a reasonable height. I will do that myself when I see a car like that in the competition. :slight_smile:

Note 2: Yes, let’s agree that you may switch out the wing and lip for another model, just make sure to not move them, as that changes aero balance.




Building a clone army? From your clone?

Is there a certain badge that we have to use for this? Just wondering.

I hope there is, otherwise it will change for every model.

@Killrob, silly question, but, are we just doing the styling?

Correct, I should clarify that.
Alright, I added a section for that. I mentioned it in the video but it is important to have it written down here too. Thanks!

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Really like the idea of this challenge, definitely more fun to design a car for someone while following their requests as opposed to making something completely for yourself.
Makes you a little more creative, I think.


It was really enjoyable!


Oooh, it is show off time?

Note: The final design might vary.


I felt bad about using the beautiful Porsche air-vent and blinkers so I went all in on them and used them on more places instead. One in the rear is for the single exhaust and the other one is for a backing light.

It was a challenge keeping it simple and including a secondary black colour on a older design.


This looks like there won’t be many poor scores to dish out :stuck_out_tongue:
Of course I can’t say anything specific about the designs. Looks like I should define a badge for you to use in the next episode, that will help make it a bit more consistent as some others pointed out.


But Like, Killrob, the badge is a part of the detailing, if you chose one for us to use youre killing one of your options of detail

For instance, im doing this, still WIP but you got it


That may be a liiiittle over the top considering how many cars there will be to design. On the other hand, I do see your point :wink:


Well if we are supposed to do “badge engineering” (pun intended)

Then I suggest you decide upon a common component or a theme for the badge, like the automation logo or some class of animal that is well represented in the game.

But maybe its just me that’s hoping for something tying the different user designs together due to OCD

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Making an A110 lookalike out of the 356 body? That’s a no-brainer, and you seem to have done it better than most!

Yeah that should be proper! Would work well since some badges “evolve” with time

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Finding it difficult to not just make a 356 clone. Porsche did too good of a job with it, he stole all the good fixtures :joy:

Since other people are posting their car, I might as well too. Subject to change.



So I’m half through designing the car, and I just remembered I haven’t cloned it. Does cloning it midway make a difference, or is it absolutely imperative to do it before I start messing around with anything?

Is the screen name supposed to be your forum username?