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Hello there,

Rather than creating a new thread for cars I’ve built (i.e Falcon AG and Blue Arrow Automotive), I decide to just use one megathread for teasers and full car launches. I’ll pad out and polish this introduction thread later. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Archer Racing #8 CS GT LM

Just a teaser, a full release of the Archer CS series is in the works!

8K Photo Link


There is already another car company bearing the Arion name, although to be fair, its lore hasn’t been rebooted for 4.27 yet. Nevertheless, this looks like one of the best race cars I have ever seen since the switch to 4.27. I presume this is a GT3 car, but it could be adapted for the Repco Supercars Championship with a few modifications.

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Well that’s an ooops from me, no harm intended just a oversight. Good thing that was just a teaser and not a full release xD. Thanks for letting me know!


Given that no other company on the forums bears the Archer name, it’s safe to say that any naming conflicts related to your latest car are now resolved.

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