Konig - The Better Way

Konig, why settle for less?

On a warm summer evening in 1881, Karl Konig was relaxing on a grassy knoll outside his carriage house. As the sun set and washed him and the world around him out in it’s pink and orange color palette, Karl began to wonder what the future would hold for transportation. You see, Karl worked as an engineer for a train engine constructor, and he often wondered if there were a better way to move people around, something more personal perhaps?

As he looked up at the sky, what looked to be a crest started to form in the stars. In that instant he knew what he would make and he spent 2 years making it. What is “it” you ask? The first Konig automobile.

Although our vehicles today are a far cry from the early models, we have stuck to the same philosophy that drove Karl Konig. There must be a better way. This philosophy has driven us since the very beginning to create better and better vehicles. Although we may never reach the perfection we so strive to meet, we believe it is safe to say that Konig has achieved it’s mission in becoming "The better way" to travel, and that very crest that Karl Konig saw that night? It still graces our hoods to this day.

This is the forum thread for the brand, Konig. Konig is a luxury car brand that is dedicated to creating the best luxury cars on the road that will last a lifetime (or two).

The Current Lineup (subject to changes)

  • V-Class (1972 - ) The ultimate luxury car
  • AV-Class (1952 - ) The ultimate grand tourer
  • F-Class (officially 1994 - current, but it has been around before being officially named) The executive car
  • A-Class (1997 - ) The baby Konig
  • AVR (2004-2007, 2020-) The GT car to beat all others

Grand touring just got a little more grand

Tradition and innovation. In car design, it is often the case that these two words can pose one of the greatest problems. How can one truly be completely innovative, while also keeping up with tradition? How can one stay true to their traditions while also forging ahead and creating something new and different? It is quite often the case that, as a designer, you must favor one over the other.

Here at Konig, however, our designers and engineers have struck a perfect harmony between the two juxtapositions. This balance takes shape in the new 1992 AV-Class, the newest model in the long line of the ultimate grand-tourers.


Surely a car as beautiful as the new AV-Class is can not possibly perform well.

What if we told you it did?

The Konig AV600 with it’s 6L V12 has a 0-100 km/h time of 5.95 seconds. Of course, straight line speed is not everything. What of it’s handling?

The AV600 handles corners and turns with ease. Effortlessly gliding over the road with the utmost in confidence, stability, and of course, comfort. This is thanks in part to the AV-Class’ newly designed hydropneumatic suspension (LBC). As you wind the AV-Class through turns, the car’s multiple computers monitor every single adjustment and angle, which allows the AV-Class to maintain its remarkable ride comfort, and stay virtually level through even the most extreme of turns.

However, should you want to feel those turns just a bit more, the suspension is electronically adjustable via a button located inside, allowing the driver to change the suspension setting at every whim.

Remarkable Design

A designer is only as good as the tools they use, and of course how they use them. Luckily for Konig, we have access to not only the newest and most powerful computer software in the industry, we also have the most well trained designers in the industry.

As you look at the new AV-Class, your eye will undoubtedly be drawn to the smooth sculpted lines that effortlessly flow rearward. This smooth look is due, in part, to those aforementioned computer systems, which has allowed us to achieve a drag coefficient of 0.31. Take note, also, of the tight and even panel gaps, and the overall well constructed look of the new AV-Class. Partly responsible is the extensive use of high-tech robots to achieve fit and finish that previously would not have been possible. Humans, however, still have final say, and before you are able to judge the quality for yourself, our team of highly skilled quality assurance experts go over every single car at nearly every step to ensure Konig’s standard of quality is strictly met.

This dedication to quality naturally continues inside. Every singly interior piece is created to tight tolerances, and is fitted perfectly. Before any car leaves our factory, they are put through hundreds of tests to ensure fit and finish, but also material durability so that as the vehicle ages, the build quality doesn’t. Which means you can enjoy the rich and supple calfskin leather, and real burled walnut veneer for longer than any other car on the road.

Surely, all this build quality and luxury must come at a hefty price?

Actually, the new AV-Class is quite competitively priced. Prices start at $75,000, and that includes a 10-year, 100,000 mile warranty, and access to Konig Mo-life for one year, a customer assurance program that includes road side service.

In all, the new AV-Class is almost underpriced for the quality and conviences you are getting.

Here at Konig we strive to create a vehicle that not only satisfies our demands, but satisfies yours as well. The new AV-Class is sure to do this, and beyond.

Konig - The Better Way


nice mercedes benz

Dude, nice work!

Very reminiscent of an R129 SL600. Radwood is definitely the right place for it.


I agree, it’s very similar to the R129. I’m fan of '80s Mercs (and as an owner of a W124) I really like the AV600. :slight_smile:

For a first (posted) car it looks really nice! There’s a lot of potential here, and I’m sure once learning a few specific design techniques that you could become one of the next great designers on the forum :))

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I like it, very Germanic luxury style

Who says that lightening can’t strike the same place twice?

The AVR’s epitomize the thrill of racing

Back in 1956, Konig set out to turn the legendary 320 AVR into the finest road going sports car ever built. Today, some 64 years later, we have revive the legend for a second time, in the form of the Konig GMS AVR GT50. A super sports car with more than just a bite, but with a pedigree.

You can look at performance from many angles. This is a particularly attractive one

Form over function, function over form. Why not both? It is not an accident that the new AVR looks so good and yet performs so well. We at Konig spent years studying and refining the shape of the body into one that was not only lightweight and aerodynamic, but also looked beautiful as well. This is explicitly clear whenever you look at the AVR’s side view. The classic, yet modern, lines blend together to form the unique character of the AVR.

But, those good looks are not just for looking, they drive well too. Equipped with a Bi-Turbo 5.0L V8 making 766 HP, the AVR is blindingly capable as well with a 0-100 km/h time of 3.4 seconds. Working in tandem with the engine, our specially tuned dual-clutch 7-speed delivers all 766 horses in a shockingly smooth fashion.

Coupled with the drive-train are a set of equally impressive and well performing brakes. Developed under tight restrictions, the brakes fitted on the AVR are the best the industry has ever seen.

The perfect conclusion

Handcrafted by racers, the AVR is the closest to rolling human emotion a car can get. With a pedigree to be proud of, and sophistication that excites, in the 2020 Konig GMS AVR GT50, you join a world removed from the lesser more undeserving sporting cars of the world.

Konig - The Better Way


3.5 seconds to 60 is a bit long for something with >750 horsepower. Maybe because it isn’t AWD?

Anyway, the AVR is quite a looker, with an obvious resemblance to the AMG GT in its front fascia. It’s definitely one of the better uses of the Polestar body mod if I’m not mistaken.