Korean Classic Series - old Korean cars project

The Korean automotive industry had humble beginnings, however it’s now one of the world’s biggest and most respected.

This little project of mine aims to recreate cars (sometimes with my own twist) from the early Korean automotive industry in Automation, also testing my design skills in the mean time.

Exported .car files will be provided upon request. Please note that they will have basic standardized specs/engines and be in 2012 model year to make the design process as streamlined as possible.

Start date: May 15, 2024 (5 days before thread creation)
Completion date: Late June - Early July 2024

Photos of real cars fall under fair use.

Car 1 - 1976 Kundai Steed - Hyundai Pony
Car 2 - 1977 Daewon Mopsy - Daewoo Maepsy / Isuzu Gemini
Car 3 - 1975 KPI Model 1300 "Breeze" - Kia Brisa / Mazda Familia

Real car (inspired from Kia Brisa / Mazda Familia)

Car 4 - 1972 Daewon Rimini Royal - Daewoo Rekord Royale / Opel Rekord
(NEW) Car 5 - 1979 KPI Model 1320 - Kia / Fiat 132

Real car (inspired from Kia / Fiat 132)

(WIP) Car 6 - 1969 Kundai T-750 - Hyundai / Ford D-Series 750
(WIP) Car 7 - 1955 Sijak - Sibal Jeep

Can’t wait to finish this, has been on my back burner for a long time!
Taking suggestions for other cars - not guaranteed that I’ll make them though!


Korean classic cars are not as well known as Japanese, American, European, or even Australian ones - this feels like a perfect homage to them.


After a small break, here’s the next car, the 1972 Daewon Rimini Royal (Daewoo Rekord Royale) - at the time Korea’s most luxurious option.


Here’s the next car of the project, the 1979 KPI Model 1320, based on the Kia / Fiat 132. A sensible no-frills everyday car for a sensible man, with hints of fine Italian details here and there.

Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to create this so I’ve used the same body as the Pony clone - seems to look close enough to a Fiat 132 though!

Loving to play around with HDRI photo scenes, they seem to work way better than in-game 3D scenes apart from specific circumstances.


The Model 1320 is featured today on Automation social media!

Thanks for your support, I’ll keep working on more cool cars and not just whatever is in this project :v:


Hey, it has been a while, been inundated with assignments but got them all out of the way.

I imagine the D-series will be difficult to make so work on the Sibal clone will start first.

One interesting thing about the Sibal, is that due to the way it was constructed (out of spare parts from scrapped Jeeps), no Sibal is identical to one another! This gives me an opportunity to make a couple variants for the Sibal clone to match its real history even more.

Stay tuned :grinning:

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Man, sure feels great to not only have generic hypercar brands in the Automation fan lore