Kymco MXU 250

Santa was very kind this year. One wonderful, yellow Kymco MXU 250!

Photo? Of course!

Stats? 250cc engine. Roughly 17 bhp. Hit 80 km/h (50 mph) on the very bumpy dirt tracks around our house. Bags of fun. What else can I say!?

Wow, I guess sweet dreams don’t have to be made of cheese!

I’m still yet to start building my PC, but I’m getting the rest of my parts at 6pm, so I’ll definit have lots of pictures up of that!

And merry Christmas! That thing looks like insane fun!

The DC and monster energy stickers are an extra 5hp each, don’t forget!

I get set aback seeing those stickers because people around my neck of the woods plaster everything with an engine in those things and I keep forgetting that people elsewhere in the world have access to those stickers :-p

Moar photos

I have posted this on the car revving thread, but here is the video of this beast making some noise.

Here are some photos. Click on the panorama shot to see it in its full glory!

The weather was a bit different today, so [size=150]CLICK ME[/size]

Damn, you live in a beautiful place! I’m so jealous! I could ride around in that beast all day!

Looks like a fun little machine and the right landscape for it.

Next time I think you should angle the camera a bit more upwards.

Yeah, I was a bit limited to the angle as I had it balanced against a rock, and any higher than the position it was in would have caused it to fall over. Still, I got what I needed.

@Pleb. I know. I took another load of photos, but I couldn’t choose which ones and the lot of the them would have been too many :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=60]And yes, this parr of Spain is pretty… umm… pretty[/size]

That is a properly beautiful landscape (and machine)!