Lagari: Performance Never Halts

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Founded by John Lagari in 1950, Lagari ended up storming the economy market with the Puero.
1955: With the Puero’s sales falling, Lagari needed a new vehicle on the market, with the rising demand for sport, in came the Baron, with a V8 and optimised for sport, the Baron sold well
1956:The Puero II is released, it was designed for comfort more than economy, and featured a longer wheelbase.
1957: The Browl is released. It was meant to be a more practical baron, using the engine from the Puero II, but sales fell short. It was described as a baron without the performance.
1960: The Baron II is released, it took a sportier appearance. It used the same engine, but due to a lighter body, it was faster.

Lagari Light IL4

Lagari Sport V8

Lagari Medium IL4

Lagari Baron II
Lagari Puero

Lagari Baron

Lagari Puero II

Lagari Browl
Lagari Baron II

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