Late 90s Delivery (OPEN)

Late 90s Delivery

(For the third world)

Deadline for .car file and pictures is 15/12/2022 10 pm UTC.

Deadline for recorded laps is 17/12/2022 10 pm UTC.

This challenge is taking place on the automation beam championship discord, it has a channel there were challenge matters are discussed:

Cars sent to me through discord.

Laps sent in a link to a drive folder also through discord.

Championship Rules (This is ABC general doc)


So it’s almost the year 2000, and you are in South America, the economy is not the best in the world but at least you got the sun and good times. You work for an economy car brand and your boss just made some numbers and the company is losing lots of money because of the new elected government. He has ordered to quickly build a delivery car that can be massively sold and very cheaply produced. The car has to be ready for production as soon as possible or the company will go bankrupt, and you will obviously lose your job as a consequence. Everyone is going mad at the office and your boss is going crazy to get some loans from banks to give you some time to save the company, but you want to surprise everyone and come back to him as soon as possible. Will you achieve it?


Try to make it look simple, the best example is the Fiat Fiorino, people buying this are going for the most affordable, and won’t be the ones using the car in most cases, so they won’t look at your effort in the design, they just want to save money and get things delivered.



  1. The fastest recorded BeamNG trial lap in Italy Through the center Time trial by the team driver. The trial has special rules.
  • You will have to stop in specific stationary to simulate making a delivery, so take into account that the car will have to accelerate from no to speed more than one time.
    Stops for delivery round - Google Drive (VIDEO FOR STOPS)
  1. Automation score
    1. Drivability
    1. Price
    1. Engineering time
    1. Production Units
    1. Fuel Economy
    1. Cargo Volume
    1. Utility
  1. The aesthetics vote:
    1. Each team should submit 2 pictures of their car for aesthetics voting.

Automation Rules:

Full Car:

  • Car Trim must be between 1992 and 1998
  • Engineering time: Max 70
  • Production Units: Max 90
  • Market Scores (All markets):
    • Delivery: 130 Min
    • L. Delivery 100 Min
    • H. Delivery 100 Min
  • Sliders:
    • You can only use 3
    • Between -5 and 1
  • Price: 14000 Max
  • Techpool: 0 in every area
  • Comfort: 1 min
  • Safety: 35 min


  • Only ladder chassis
  • Only open diff
  • No medium, sport, or semi slicks tyres
  • No wings spoilers or lips
  • 2 full size seats
  • 40 Cooling Airflow Minimum


  • Displacement: 1800cc max
  • Must be NA
  • Fuel Type: Regular Unleaded 91 RON
  • No stressed parts
  • No race parts (Not even sure it’s necessary in this round but to avoid confusion)
  • Mandatory Catalytic converter

The displacement limit alone won’t be enough - I’d suggest a maximum of four cylinders, for realism’s sake, even though six-cylinder engines of this or a similar size actually existed in real life back then.

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Hello, i thought about it, i totally agree, but i found this rule unecessary because of the scoring, and other rules like ET limit PU limit and price limit, using a six cylinder wont benefit participants in the end, if you wish to you can check the calculator with a six cylinder, i believe you wont get any decent scores, so thats why the rule seemed irrelevant.

Link to discord channel for challenge is now on original post