Latest Beta

Trying to test the new beta version, but can’t find it.
I have taken a screenshot of the beta options available.

I have restarted Steam, but nothing new appeared.
Do I have to restart my computer as well?

It seems to me that now becoming a beta tester is not so easy.

Hi everyone, I’m currently sitting at the microwave on win7 while my gaming comp is in a private house. I am now constantly bother with car files and zip images for BeamNG, copying them to a flash drive, which is more failsafe than uploading the archive to the cloud. There is an old version of the game on there, and I can’t update it. The point is that the update is coming tomorrow, and I’d like to run the game by eliminating the steam autoloader.
Is it possible to stay in the old version without forcibly disabling the internet?
I might accidentally forget myself, and the connected internet will immediately sniff the steam.

Now it has appeared.

After trying it for the whole day I do NOT recommend switching to open beta until the worst issues are solved.
Not that I have not been warned, as the developers already announced such an outcome. I changed despite that since I thought I could also help finding out about early faults that need a quick fix.