Latest Little Dev Update : Boxer 6

In the latest “Little Dev Update” video, Feb 10, the Boxer 6 engine looked like a half Testarossa or Porsche 917 engine. That is: a 180 degree v6. The connecting rods, for a pair of cylinders, shared a single crankpin.

Is this just an early version that will be fixed later or? :confused:


I would imagine so. People like killrob are sticklers for accuracy (as long as it is within budget).

Hmm. Maybe it will be like with V8s, where crossplanes and flatplanes will be the same family. So in this case boxers and 180° Vs could also belong to the same families, maybe? I hope that I’m not writing some heresy here :smile:

Time will tell.

Speaking about time, anyone heard anything about when the big update arrives?
Even the tiniest whisper?

I wouldn’t expect the UE4 update to come soon, but don’t take my word for it. Around 2 months maybe?




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Could be a bit longer than that :joy: but it doesn’t hurt to be optimistic.

My guess is late this year or early next year… no-one really knows.

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They just didn’t have the new heads on there to show you it’s a boxer.