Launch error and unable to start game


After a bit of time away letting things in the game develop I saw that there is a contest coming out soon and I wanted to make some youtube videos of me doing the contest. So I went to get the game running to get ready (yes I know the contest is not for a couple of weeks).

Then I ran into this error.

“The server committed a protocol violation.

Anyone know how to fix that?

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?

Also what build of the game are you running?

Yes I tried to delete it and reinstall, I also downloaded the game directly from the links found here.


And it was the latest version of the launcher and game.

I am currently at college and will not be able to do much about it right now since my good computer is at home. I only have a laptop that does not run anything here at college.

The Launcher might be freaking out at your College’s network/proxy setup. I don’t really have a solution for that at the minute.