at this point when are you thinking automation will launch?

Car designer demo around christmas, full game maybe a year after that but really hard to estimate

Is there anything us members can do to help speed the process along? apart from spreading the word?

That is an excellent question. Spreading the word most definitely is the easiest thing to do, and it DOES help! What helps even more is writing to gaming mags and ask for some Automation coverage… with one email you could potentially get info about the game to 10000s of people.

There are other ways too. If you are willing to help the game on a more practical basis (and not just toy around), you can apply for beta-testing whenever that opportunity is announced: we always need good people. :slight_smile:

Then there is translation work… a massive task that can only be accomplished together with the community. We have a German version already, and very recently we started out on the Spanish translation.

Hmm, but basically that’s it! ;(

Bonjour,vous chercher des personne pour la traduction française si oui je peux vous aidez ? :wink:
Hello, you’re looking for someone for the French translation whether I can help you ? Do you agree ? :mrgreen:
Merci :smiley: