Launcher Crashes

When I start Automation Launcher, it immediately stops working. Trying to run on AMD E-350 and AMD Radeon HD6310M. Win7 Home Premium 64bit. Any ideas??

Does it throw any error messages, or does it just give a generic “not responding” message?

I have the same problem i launch the game and then it crashes for not responding !

Does the launcher crash on start-up, or does the game crash on start-up? (i.e. after you press the Play Game button)

i have sent this to your facebook Hi, i have automation and I play a couple days a week but last week i did not, this week (today) I go to play and it keeps crashing in the load screen (where it says automation & builds the Inline 6) when it gets half way threw the build, just after the “extractors load” the game crashes, I am running “Update B199” & the game has not said there is another update i cant find out why my game keeps crashing my activation code is : (ill tell if you need it) can i have some help asap please!
cheers dylan

Ahh then there is something very broken, because you should be automatically updating to Build B1003 while running Launcher B43.
Please try making a clean install of Automation, using the Automation Cleaner tool first, then down/install the latest version: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1271

Hope that will fix it!

I’ll tell you how it all go’s. cheer’s

Killrob sorry that did not work :frowning:

But you are “running” B1003 now at least?
Have you turned down all the graphics settings and switched off SSAO in the Launcher Menu?

i am still running b199 & all graphics are on a minimum

Didn’t the installer for B1003 work for you?

Now its saying fatal full error when i launch (press play now) it says : FATAL ERROR WHILE LOADING .\escripts\client\data\scenariosInline6.lua:[string"scenariosINL6=…"]:21 Attempt to index global ‘limitation types’ (a nil value)

Did you update to B1003 or not? That error message to me sounds like a corrupt install of the game, it’s not a “bug” so to say.

well i tryed to update to it & it said it worked but then i open the game up and it still has b199 and that error code

In the topmost bar of the launcher window, does it say B1003 (like in the picture) or B199?

Oh it says it there yes. :slight_smile: but it is still crashing in the same spot i have fixed that “fatal error” but now back to the same place where it would load the inline 6 and fail