Launcher desktop link?

So I downloaded the Automation Launcher and ran it as administrator on my Windows 7 64bit machine, it popped up that it was installing and then that window disappeared. There was no link on the desktop, addition to the start menu or any instructions for how to proceed. I ended up searching for “auto” in the start menu search box and Automation came up, then I selected that and the game started downloading in the Launcher window.

There should be a desktop link, or the Launcher should start downloading immediately, right?

OK, so the Launcher downloaded and installed the game, and gave me a figurative thumbs up that everything went well. I closed the installation screen and was very excited to play… but again, there is no link. Not on the desktop, not on the start menu… even when I search for it. I went into my Program File and Program File (x86) folders to find the game, but there is no Automation folder.

This thing installed somewhere on my computer, but without a link or a location I am at a loss. Help!

The Launcher is how you play the game.

Installing it on a fresh windows 7 64bit machine here, it did install a Start Menu link for it Programs->Automation->Automation

Automation defaultly installs to C:\ProgramData\Automation

Hope that helps,

Yup, it was on the start menu there… very strange that it didn’t show up when I searched, but I will just blame MS for that. :slight_smile: