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Launcher's stopped processing mods

Hey, just went to play the game a bit today, and when I went to start the game up the launcher didn’t process any of my mods. I’ve since been on a long and arduous bugfixing process (ironically longer than I intended to play the game for), including multiple restarts, wiping workshop content and reinstalling, validating game files multiple times, and clearing automation’s cache, with the end result still being this:

I’m not entirely sure what’s caused this, as there’s a couple of suspects, but both have been rolled back in their own ways (a mod I downloaded before trying to play (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2462840772) was unsubscribed from, and a steam beta update was rolled back to the stable branch) so they shouldn’t still be affecting it like it is. I’m slightly at my wit’s end here, and short of a full reinstall I’m not sure what to do.

EDIT: While I was writing this I opened the launcher a few more times to see if it would magically sort itself out because I was threatening to talk to people about its problems (as tech often does), and after leaving it for a minute or two to post this I went back and its processed one whole mod, which honestly makes me more confused than anything.

Well, this is bizarre and feels like it is something on Steam’s end.

The Logic in the launcher is pretty simple:

  1. Create a Query User Game Content Request for Subscribed Items to Automation
  2. Link this Query to a Callback function, that SteamAPI Calls when completed
  3. Wait for Steam to do its thing
  4. SteamAPI has fetched data and has called our Callback with the new data
  5. Repeat Step 1, but for the next ‘page’ as Steam only fetches 50 results a time.

If you were subscribed to 51, or 101 Mods. Then I can see something strange happening, and maybe only the last page has managed to fetch up any results.

But just 1 mod returning and after a couple of minutes, makes me think Steam is stalling in Step 3, times out and returns what it fetched.

So trying to find other games that have a similar issue, found this guide from Cities: Skylines: https://github.com/CitiesSkylinesMods/TMPE/wiki/Mods-missing-in-Content-Manager

Looks like the only thing on that list you haven’t explicitly stated you have done, Is logging out of Steam, existing steam, logging back in. I would maybe also be tempted to delete the contents of Steam\userdata (no warranty provided with this advice). But that appears to contain a ugc\293760_subscriptions.vdf file that contains a list of subscribed mods. My trial of deleting the contents of userdata folder didn’t cause any adverse effects.