LCV 4.1.11 - Calendar Trim Data Missing

I’ve had this issue occur regardless of the number of trims I’ve attempted to create in various other campaigns - so it’s not exclusive to my 46-trim, 3-model stress test. As the image shows, only 1 trim displays all the pertinent information (trim name, margins, unit sales, inventory etc) in the calendar window. Everything else is zero’d out or blank.

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Same issue here, first 3 campaigns in LCV 4.1.11 Everything worked fine, but now i cant get it to work anymore. Clearing cache and save files didnt resolve it neither does starting new campaigns. Campaign experience has become quitte buggy for me since going into 4.1.XX

LCV4.1.12 might have fixed the issue, but there’s no mention of it in the patch notes, so I hesitate to call it resolved. However, I can report that since the hotfix was released about 8 hours ago, the calendar appears to be functioning normally in my first campaign playthrough. I will mark this resolved once either:

  • Patch notes confirm the calendar bug has been fixed

  • I have completed multiple campaigns without the calendar breaking