LCV 4.1.12-Pause Menu not working, game also locking up frequently

Hello there, folks. I started really getting back into Automation recently after having been largely inactive for a while, and while I like many of the newest features, I’ve been running into some problems, it seems, since the newest update came out.

Firstly, has anybody else noticed that the Pause Menu appears to be broken? I can’t even press the Escape button to get it to come up(though the other two buttons on the top right corner still work).

But more importantly just today I also discovered, unfortunately, that the game seems to have developed a nasty habit of locking up randomly either while trying to, or having just removed fixtures-this general type of issue was present in past builds, but had seemingly been fixed with some of the newest updates at some point last year…up until 4.1.12 came out this week. And now, since then, the problem has resurfaced; only this time I’ve received no error messages as of yet when the game does lock up.

I’d appreciate any help I can get in figuring all this out…

Edit: got my latest log file here.

AutomationGame.log (208.1 KB)

Most of the problems I remember having so far were on Tues., so maybe these will help, too?

AutomationGame-backup-2021.01.12-12.14.14.log (219.6 KB)
AutomationGame-backup-2021.01.12-10.48.13.log (202.3 KB)
AutomationGame-backup-2021.01.12-13.40.36.log (190.9 KB)
AutomationGame-backup-2021.01.12-10.32.32.log (362.6 KB)
AutomationGame-backup-2021.01.12-13.36.23.log (187.4 KB)
AutomationGame-backup-2021.01.12-13.24.17.log (200.3 KB)

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Try clearing the cache in the launcher menu. Seems to resolve many issues.

If that doesn’t work, try verify integrity of game files.

And failing that, try deleting the Automation folder from the yourDrive/program files/steam/steamapps/common folder, and then verify integrity of game files again

Good luck!


Could you send us a game log of the case where the game locks up but doesn’t give you any error message? We’re specifically looking for an example of this as we can’t reproduce it in the office.
Please either attach that AutomationGame.log file to your post here, or email it to us at

Hi there, Killrob. Thanks for the timely reply. Took me a little while to locate the log files, but here’s the latest one I have: AutomationGame.log (208.1 KB)

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Thank you so much for the log, this problem has been reported, and getting logs was hoping for an insight.

It has cleared up 1 possibility, but hasn’t given much insight into anything else.

So, the next time it locks up, could you try to remember what fixture you were using, and when it locked up. I.e. during dragging, or releasing the mouse button etc.